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Currently I am...

I snagged this idea off of Pinterest...
and it came from an
Altered Art (slash) Journaling (slash) Scrapbooking Blog

Well I thought it would make for a
refreshing, fun, and thought provoking
THINK WRITE SHARE linky party.
So here is what you do...
Write down what you are currently
stalking (include 3 Blogs one has to be non teacher)
so here is mine...
(mind you I wrote this last night and didn't want to post it at like 1:30... so imagine ME making this at 1:30)
Now if you would like (PUHLEASE) come and join my party!!!

and as I was making mine I thought
(insert light bulb)
HEY my kids could do this
minus the stalking (that would be weird)
so I made this for them to do
 & just because I LOVE YOU
AND I was in the
MOOD to make ANOTHER one..
I added a BLANK
cover sheet!!!
use it how you would like...
I am pretty sure you savvy peeps
can insert your own text...

please leave a comment if you like this Linky Party Idea?
I was thinking of doing this same and I MEAN SAME linky party once a month!!!
Also if you are new to blogging...
joining a Linky Party is a great way to get your name and blog OUT THERE!!!
hope to see your links soon!!!
with an occasional looksy to see if anyone has joined
 (((TEE HEE HEE)))

got an email for a blank one of MINE...
pretend I am fArLey the GOOD WITCH...
sparkles falling... glitter glitter...magic wand waving