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3 for Thursday

OK... let me just say
Big Brother was horrible tonight...
my eye candy Jeff is GONE!!!
(wipe tear)
and Shelly...shame on her!!!
If she was in my class I might have to....
well I can't say because this is a G rated
blog (believe it or not)

I neglected yesterday's linky party
I was napping
then dinner with MIL
then home to watch BB
and then bed...
but I am back tonight!!!

If you want to join or check out the other hoppers head on over...
it's FUN!!!! Plus I was stalking it and went through EVERY SINGLE ONE!!!
Might be procrastination
I might have a stack of papers I need to grade!!!
OK OK I cannot lie...
I have a stack of papers that I need to grade!!!
BUT who am I kidding I am going to blog stalk a little longer
and then stay up to watch BB After Dark
and then go to bed
and then grade my papers during break tomorrow!!! (SHHHHH!!!)


  1. (about Jeff) I KNOW! I was so upset! Shelly was just using the blow up as a way to change sides...go where the numbers are I guess. Who knows! I can't believe it! I can understand though that she thinks she has a better chance of winning without him there.

    Ok..love those fonts!

    Third Grade Meanderings

  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog! I just discovered yours in the last few weeks and already love it. It's especially nice because I teach 4th grade as well, so what you post is very relevant to me. Btw, I loved all of your signs and would definitely use a few in my class!

  3. Oh man....BB!!! What the heck is going on! Was so bummed about Jeff leaving and so was he! WOW! How about the Jury House!! Holy smokes when Danielle and Jeff arrive! Ok...so I have a question on when you download free fonts....how do I save them? I see them on my laptop desktop but what do I do so I can use them??? TY TY TY

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  5. teach 4... when you save the font on your puter... goto that file and open it so you see all the letters and how they look in that font...at the top it should say install...just click that and you should be ready to rock and roll...hope that helps!!! if not email me and I can help you some more :)

  6. THANK YOU, BFF!!!!! :) Something happened to your button on my blog . . . . strange! I just fixed it and hope all is well now. :)

  7. I'm dying to have that LD Handwriting font. I have searched Lettering Delights and it is not to be found. :( Can you help me?!

    Katie @

    Keeping Up With Katie


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