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2 things on Thursday

I just posted this on my FB page
but thought I should share here too...
I never knew what to do with all the
trinkets that my kiddos give me...
& by complete accident
I had a cleaned pickle jar on my desk when
one of my little ones handed me a treasure...
don't remember what it was BUT I am
pretty sure it is one of the items at the bottom *wink*
I kept it on my desk and would PROUDLY put the
trinkets in my jar!!!
This is my jar from last year!!! I was unpacking
and thought you might want to see it!!!
This year, I am going to tie a ribbon around it
BUT I am going to keep my trinkets in
it because I am looping
and I think my kids would get a kick out of me
still having my trinket jar!!!
The sock monkey is actually coming out
and going on my bulletin board for safe keeping!!!
and to clear out some room in my jar!!! :)

ok so the title says 2 things so the jar is one and this is 2

is a hilarious blog!!!
it makes fun of all of us teacher bloggers but I LIKE it!!!
SHE CRACKS me up!!!
go check it out!!!
but only if you have a funny bone
HERE to go

and come back and tell me what you thought about it!!!
I might *wink* pick one of YOU LuVerLiEs
to pick something for free out of my TN store!!!