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random pics of my room and more randomness

Thought I would share a few Random pics of my room...
I did promise I would get pics to you after all!!!

These are my ginormous windows that look out onto the other side of the school and
unfortunately a dust (slash) dead grass yard.
We have been having some unbelievable temps and I swear
this area use to be BEE U TEE FULL
but when it is like 700 degrees outside OK close enough... 105
the grass turns to ashes
anywho... my windows...i still love them!!!
dust yard and all
I have blinds and ONLY use them when I have to
the curtains are actually shower curtains I found at Target
that is a giant PEACH hanging from the tree... it really is an orange BUT I tell the kids it is Jame's Peach
yes we do AR but only for motivational reasons not for grades
yes the lights are off because we are under severe heat and energy advisory
my blinds should be closed to keep it cool inside
BUT I caved in and by Thursday I had to have the sun shine in

my kids have supply boxes or pencil pouches
and I keep some of their larger items in drawers but they still have lots and lots of extras
so I got this idea form my friend Priddy...
can you imagine the name Mrs. Priddy and to top it off she
IS PRETTY inside and out!!!
anyways this is an over the closet door shoe organizer from Target
I punched a hole in it and added colored card stock with a ribbon and added their name
(names are blurred)
they keep all their pencils, glue sticks, dry erase markers, erasers,
and any other thing they need to keep in here
* the boy and girl pencils are my bathroom passes
NO they do not take them to the BR they put them on their desk before they leave

 one of my favorite signs...
when I taught 3rd
the grade level did a 3rd grade store so I really did charge for whining

SOMEONE PLEASE tell me where I got the time printables from so I can give credit!!! I LOVE them!!! and I got the other idea of telling the time of important events (specials, snack, lunch, and go home) from
HERE...hers is WAY cuter and makes me want to change mine... that wall needs some serious color!!!

 this is the view of my room from the door...
after the kids went home Thursday :)
I love my room even though it is small and old and mismatched
(you did see the 2 different knobs on my closet doors
if you didn't go back to the shoe organizer and check it out...)
lights still off because I am an energy saver

 my pink elephant found a home...
she fits perfectly with my snail and alligator
 after school...this is what I see...
my desk
I love my painted muffin tin to match my elephant
i put paper clips, thumbtacks, my thumb drives, teacher card, and my sign and return stamp in it
and there you see my trinket jar and my owl lamp
and my solar tiny owl behind the muffin tin
and LOVE my owl mug to put my liquid pencil SHARPIES in...LOVE
 THAT ends my brief classroom tour... as the year goes on I will post more but for now i leave you with....

What did the Farley's do today from 2-4:30

We had a 1st birthday party to go to
hosted by one of my favorite teachers
she is amazing
I only had the opportunity to teach with her for one year
(insert super sad face)
BUT she is across the hall from me and I can still get my
FILL of HeAtHeR goodness!!!
Well not only is she a super teacher and friend this girl can throw a party
check out these cupcakes she made
YUMMY does not cover it!!!
it was like cupcake HEAVEN in your mouth
 at the party was one of my loopers
Brin was in my 3rd grade class last year and I get to have her again!!!
YAY me... I LOVE me some Brin...
PLUS her Mommy is one of my besties and our school secretary
PLUS I taught Brin's older brother too

 Here is a group shot of all my teacher buddies at the party!!!
Patti, me, Shawna, Melissa, & Heather!!!
* note I don't usually wear super LOW dresses BUT it was a swim party and it was 109 so out came the girl revealing dress...Old Navy special 9.99 (HOLLA)

I love my buddies!!! Doesn't having great friends at school make it so much better???
I am truly blessed!!!

speaking of blessings.... this little guy had a blast too!!!
 Well that wraps up my very random blog post of the day!!!
Hope you all have a great weekend and if you are in the path of Irene stay safe!!