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Parent Communication

I recently shared this Freebie...
as a guest blogger
it is one of my favorite things I have made so far...
Please go to the link to see all the details
because it is Friday and I am so super tired
and let's face it LAZY!!!
you won't be disappointed if you head on over there!!!
BUT come back because there is A TON MORE!!!
here are some preview pics though... for details of how to use it go to the link :)

Scrap Give Away
Randomness... is in this next freebie:)
to do sheets to ways to get home to who knows what :)

 birthday posters...print out and have the kids sign them for the bithday kiddo

 teacher note print out and fold

 math stuff and a ways to get home poster

Planning Ahead

lots of printables to plan ahead.... by month or week or year...lots to see in here :)

LOTS more to download... i just gave you an appetizer

to do list to share
my infamous To Do List...
LOVE this!!!!

we do
AND my creme de la creme
some have DUPLICATED (and claimed their own... really I am over it really)
but none can compare....
I have this HUGE on my door...
note to self take picture
of UgLy brown door
made to look better with this poster and some CuStOm decor!!!

hope you liked all the freebies I have to offer...
i picked some of my favorites and I hope they might be your fave too!!!
NOTE~ scribd can be wonky sometimes...if it looks OFF
refresh your page and cross your fingers and make a wish on a falling star
and it should refresh fine!!!

if you want more freebies head on over to the


  1. Holy cow girl, this is the motherload of giveaways! I already printed your parent communication papers from your guest blog post as soon as I got back because they are awesome!!! I LOVE the rest of these printables, you have such a gift for organized and beautiful papers. Thank you, thank you, thank you, I am in printing heaven tonight!!
    Kristen :)

  2. THIS is why I told people on my blog that they needed to come over here and see you. THIS STUFF IS SO CUTE. I loved it the last time and I'm loving it even more this time.

    I'm right there with you on Big Bro. I seriously just published my post and almost said everything you said. I am very angry with Shelley.

    Have a great weekend!!!!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  3. O. M. G. I am on freebie overload! You rock my world Farley!

    ❤ Karen
    Flamingo Fabulous in Second Grade

  4. I don't understand how to "get" the free printables from you. I clicked download and it sends me to a SCribed website, I signed in and then I'm on some random page. Is their another way? Thanks for sharing these cool ideas.

  5. slrayner ~ once you subscribe to SCRIBD you should be able to come right back to my blog and download... sorry I am not more help :(

  6. I love the things that you've shared. Thanks so much for sharing with us.


  7. ThAnK YoU SOOOOOO much for sharing!!!! You are AmaZinG and an InSpiRatIon!!!


~ I {PuFFy} HeArT comments!!!! THANK YOU!!!