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Ten Things...

I thought this was a great Linky idea so here it goes...
1 ~ You can never have enough markers...
        I {PUFFY} Heart SHARPIES!!!  I just got the limited edition 80's Glam pack...LUV IT!!!
      Leg Warmer Orange is my fave... (photo thanks to SHARPIE)
This product image courtesy of Sharpie shows the 80s Glam Limited Edition permanent marker set. Launched in 1964, Sharpie markers now come in an array of styles and colors. (AP Photo/Sharpie) NO SALES

2 ~ Coming up with the PERFECT baby name gets harder and harder each year!!!
(Drew Leighton )

3 ~ I can handle projectile vomit, nose bleeds, scrapes, & blisters....BUT show me a loose tooth and
       I get FULL BODY SHIVERS!!! YUCK!!!

4 ~a. Keep a Costco size supply of clean white socks for those kiddos who are too embarrassed  
      to take their shoes off  when we have no shoes day... because their socks are filthy!!!

4 ~ b. also stock up on Costco sized bleach wipes....kids are GERMY

5 ~ Friday Choir Practice is a MUST (at least once a month)...what do you call your after school HAPPY

6 ~ Keeping good communication with parents is a good thing... BUT....Telling a parent they got a 100 but
      the child got a ZERO is NOT OK..even if the WHOLE ENTIRE thing was in the parent's handwriting!!!

7 ~ It is easier to come to school sick (sometimes) because I HATE preparing for a sub!!!

(yes this is me in the hospital...recovery room)

8 ~ Laughing at the word Uranus is contagious...I even do it!!! I can't help it EVERY YEAR during their
      Solar System Project Presentations... there is ALWAYS one that says.... I LOVE UR-ANUS because
       it has rings... LOL... see I did it again... OK WHATEVER I know I am like 12 :)

9~ Scheduling an observation while teaching about life cycles and  the octopus is never good.... because 
     your LOUDEST student will YELL TESTICLES....instead of the desired answer of TENTACLES!!!!  
     and when corrected she will ask.... WELL what are testicles then??? My reply~ your mom's a nurse ask

10 ~ I {PUFFY} heart what I do... it is rewarding everyday and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else... well
         maybe Disney or Santa Fe BUT I DO LOVE ME SOME 3rd GRADERS!!!

(Santa Fe)

WOW that was FUN!!!
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