My 3 Kids

I am so excited to share this pic...
because... I just took it YeStErDaY!!!
These are my babies...
2 fur and one real :)

the BIG dog is Dori Dawg
She is named after Dori from Finding Nemo
and let me tell you what sometimes she acts like that too.
She is a not the smartest dog in the 'hood but she is the sweetest!!!!
We adopted her at a Chinese New Year Celebration
it was the year of the dog... so that is her middle name.

The little black and white is my pure breed BRAT
Merriweather Blue
She is named after the Blue Fairy on Sleeping Beauty.

and yes ALL my dogs are named after Disney characters
I worked for the Big Mouse ALL through college

I wanted a cute dog that I could dress up and put bows on....
well this dog is anything but prissy!!!
She is the BOSS!!!
BUT I must say she is the BESTEST friend to
child #3... Drew.

This was so much fun!!!
thanks to Ladybug's Teacher Files
for hosting this wonderful Linky Party



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  2. Let me try this again! Somehow my previous post was connected this post! Oop!

    I love the picture! You did a great job! How did you manage to get them all looking at you? I have one real and one fur and have such a hard time doing so!!

    I have really enjoyed reading your blog! Thanks for all of the wonderful ideas! I just created my own!
    ~ Mrs. McKown


~ I {PuFFy} HeArT comments!!!! THANK YOU!!!