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2 StArS & a WiSh

Just a quick post. ( ok not really but when I started  writing this I thought it would be short!!!)
Wanted to share with you how my students give compliments and critiques to one another. This requires a lot of modeling in the beginning BUT they catch on quickly.  We started 2 Stars & a Wish ~ by orally critiquing when they share their writing journal entries. After a student shares their journal entry,  I would pull a stick & that student would  have to give 2 stars (compliments) and then one wish (critique) to the reader.  This not only makes ALL most students pay attention BUT it also gives me an idea of their writing knowledge.  For example, a student that compliments the reader/writer about their use of vivid adjectives and gives examples KNOWS what is going on. OR when a student critiques about too much dialouge and how he got lost... that gives me goose bumps because I KNOW HE KNOWS writing expectations!!!! 
We also talk a great deal about what is a GOOD WISH.
We do not want to hurt or embarrass the reader/writer. 

SO when do I use the form?
I use this form for BIG projects.
Solar System Projects
Lit Circle Final Projects
Power Point Presentations
Published and Presenting Works of Writing
Habitat Floats (Dioramas on Wheels... I live VERY close to San Antonio and we do this at FIESTA) :)
you get the idea...right???

ANYWHO... I have 17 students so I write one # in the corner of each form (so 2 #s per page) from 1-17.  I do this 2-3 times. I then cut them out & pass them out randomly. Each kiddo should get 2-3 forms to fill out. As the students go up to share I will say ~ THIS IS # so & so if you have # so & so please write their name in the blank.  We TRY to keep it a secret who has who!!! When all the projects are presented I collect the forms and read over them to make sure they are OK.  I also fill out one of these forms for each presenter.  I then hand back the graded rubric, my 2 Stars and a Wish, & usually 2-3 kid forms to each student.
The kids look forward to receiving these slips!  They even try to guess where they were STARS and what they might have for wishes!!!

Well I hope you might be able to use this form and if you have ANY questions LET ME KNOW!!!
Really I do ask my HUBBY I am obsessed... when my phone dings (letting me know I have a new email) I secretly WISH and HOPE that it is a comment!!!! (((BLUSHING)))