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Show Me Your Nest Linky Party & Give Away

I refer to my teacher desk area as my nest!!!
I love my NEST for the most part!!!
Here is the GOOD, the BAD, & the Ugly when it comes to my nest!!!

Here are 3 things I PUFFY HEART (the good) about my NEST:
1- My OWL lamp... I revamped this lamp all by myself (((bLuShInG)))
2- My race car chair... that was also an upcycle project by yours true~lee (((smiling)))
3- All of my teaching resources are either organized in my filing cabinets or on my shelves in nice dollar store baskets with labels.  Such as multiplication, problem solving, word work, writing, etc...

NOW 3 things I don't like so much (the bad) about my nest:
1- the attached student desk...enough said
2- can you even tell where my computer is??? NO because I have a HUGE clear magazine file blocking it...this magazine file holds all of my "I have no clue what to do with you papers"  If you still can't find my computer...find the wires and follow them up!!!
3-my ELMO... don't get me wrong I LOVE my ELMO but I hate that I have to have it at my desk!!! YUCK... before my school got remodeled, it was conveniently located in the front of the room so I could stand in front of my class and instruct. AND NOW.... at my desk...don't even ask why...DO NOT GO THERE!!!

and now the UgLy
1- All the junk still on my desk... i even did a little picking up :)
2- See the cardboard box??? by the attached kid desk...well that is a light bulb waiting to be put in his new home...my projector... life is horrible in room 101a when the projector is down (whhhhhhaaaaa)
3- i am trying my hardest to drink more water... see my super cool water bottle that I got for Valentine's day from a WoNdErFuL student... well it should be empty...it is NOT!!! (((SIGH))))

WELL there is my NEST

NOW... I want to see your NESTS too!!!
I am going to do my FIRST LINKY party!!!


When you link up...
tell us the Good, the Bad, & the UGLY about your nest!!!

Along with this Linky Party I feel like doing my first give away too
you can also win a FAB Vera Bradley change purse!!!

* when you join the linky party you earn 3 entries into the contest

* earn 2 entries for posting / sharing about my Show Me Your Nest Party (leave me a comment with your blog address)

* earn one entry for becoming a follower of my BLOG (must be a separate comment)... if you already follow the BLOG put that in a comment

* earn one entry for joining my TpT Store (MUST BE A SEPARATE COMMENT)

so there it is...
if you do ALL of those things you could be entered 7 times 

all entries / comments MUST be in before 8:30pm March 18th  
I will announce the winner March 19th
I hope you can join me!!!