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mystery student and 2 bad ants

My class is quite a challenge this year...
& I love it!!! (most days)
With almost half of my class being in the TAG program I am
always on my toes!!! (((SMILE)))
While I was walking through Blogland I came across
this idea and I puffy heart it!!!
Problem is I have no clue who I "borrowed" this idea from...
if you know let me know so I can give credit to this FaNtAbULouS person!!!

WHAT IS IT ... you ask?
It is the
Mystery Student Box

(flashback to last summer)
I found this box
(I think it is a safety deposit box... have no clue... not a box expert :)
anywho it was only 49 cents at Thrift Town
and I had to have it...
didn't know why I NEEDED it but HELLO 49 cents!!!!
 I needed to Farley-tize it...
so I added scrapbook ribbon to the handle and
too cute!!! RIGHT???

the present...
I was in Blogland found this Mystery Student thing on a
blog and (insert light bulb above my head)
I could use my pretty box for this...

well... I pick a random student right before I go home for the night
(YES night...don't we all leave at night???)
I put the name on a sticky and post it on the inside of the lid.
Then based on the kid I put a few goodies in the box.
NOTHING big or expensive...
I always put some of our 3rd grade bucks in there too

I then close it up
the next day I remind the kids that I have picked a Mystery Student
throughout the day I will randomly say stuff like:
OHHH my Mystery Student (MS) is a great role model
OHHHH my goodness my MS is NOT following directions right now
My MS is walking so nicely down the hall
WOW my MS needs to get on task

It is so funny how they react to this.
At the end of the day I ONLY reveal the MS if they have not had any behavior issues for the day. 
We do card changes at my school so as long as they are on green...
they get to open the box and collect the loot.
IF they are NOT on green I do not reveal the MS
AND (here is the best part)
I keep the contents in the box...(except the sticky)
PICK a NEW MS... (place new sticky)
AND add new treasures
SOOOOOOO the next day
the MS will have a chance to win DOUBLE!!!
on double days or even triple days
the behavior of the class is AHHHHH MAZING!!!

RANDOM thing...
we are still doing the Chris Van Allsburg Unit and for 2 Bad Ants the students broke into groups and made plot action maps.... here is one of the best examples....
they turned it into an ant mound... if you are not familiar with a plot chart... good luck for you...
I am going to post a FREEBIE printable this weekend AND it is a plot chart!!!! YAY

well I hope you have enjoyed my randomness...
have a great next few days
and TRY the Mystery Student thing... it is FUN for all!!! :)