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Pile It On, Bundled, and First 3

SOOOO I have something to share with you....
I have to admit...
I LOVE making these :)
and my kiddos LOVE them too!!!
It all started with this one....

 my kids LOVED this
and had a blast reviewing math skills using a station geared
here are some pics of how I set up the station
(back in November)

 they solve the problems
and then go and search
for the strips that need to be piled on
their plate

well ever since they loved this Pile It On activity
and buyers responded so well to it
see here is a comment I received...
 Oh My! I loved this. We used the day before Thanksgiving break and my kids loved it. It was a great review of all those skills we learned in the beginning on the year. Thanks!
and here is another
This is incredible! I love all the skills built in. Thank you for another amazing product! :0)
AHHHH I love getting feedback like that
well because my kiddos love these and I have great feed back from my followers
I have been trying to make them for every month

so I made a Valentine Pile It On

 A Leprechaun Pile It On

An Easter Pile It On 

 and a Gnome Pile It On
 all of these Pile It Ons are $4 EACH
and then I started thinking I should bundle it...
and then my hubs said you should bundle it...
and since he was doing the dishes
( I {puffy} heart him)
I told him I was thinking the same thing... and then I DID IT
 I bundled it in my store...
and not only that BUT
I am only charging $15 for 5 Pile It Ons
so if you are good at math...
I sell them individually for $4
and there are 5 so it should be
5 x $4 = $20
and I am selling it for $15... what
that is not it...
I am also promising 3 future PILE IT ONS as well
I am in the process of making Pile It Ons for
Halloween, Back to School, and Christmas
so if you buy now you could get all of these for $15

when I upload a new Pile It On
I will send a message through TpT
and it will notify previous buyers to go download the new Pile It Ons...
what do you think about that???
BUT I will warn you...
when I add a new Pile It On ...
I will raise the price :)
as of 3-21-13 I have added this Pile It On
so now the price is $20
plus I promise to add at least 3 more :)

here is the link...
just in case you want to check it out...

NOW for fun...
the first 3 people to leave a message
telling me what other PILE IT ONS they might want to see
and AND AND their EMAIL address
will be sent... a zipped file of the FIVE Pile It Ons featured above
(Thanksgiving, Valentine, Leprechaun, Easter, and Gnomes)

ALRIGHTY... that about does it...
good luck and toodles