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Monday, Easter in a Jar, and little old ladies

I get to link up to one of my
bloggy besties' linky parties!!!

I always look forward to .....

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so here we goooooooooo

the best part was delivering these to some of our favorite people

I am sad to say I lost all of my pics of our sharing because of
a weird snafoo of new iphone
old iphone
connecting to the itunes
with new iphone
and then whamo bam-oh
nada (nothing)
thank goodness I posted this pic on FB as a tease...
that luverly person is my grandma and is Bub's great grandma...
or what he calls Me Mow
we delivered to my grandparents
Gpa got the foil wrapped bunny and
we delivered
to the little old lady across the street...

I have a lot of little old ladies across the street.
we moved into an older neighborhood years ago...
so my neighbors are getting up in the years
and imagine if you will...
across the street from me is Mrs. Maxine
she just lost her hubby in November... we loved Mr. Johnny
and then next door to Mrs. M
is Mrs. S
bless her heart she lost her husband a few years ago and
she is not doing well...
she has around the clock home nurses to help her get around
and then next door to Mrs. S is Mrs. Sandy
she too lost her hubby a few years ago
BUT she is very active and on the go
she is hardly ever home and well I don't have to worry too much about her
and then next door to Mrs. Sandy (are you still with me???)
is Mrs. Betty...
she also lost her husband
almost a year ago this month
I know this month must be hard for her and her kiddos live out of town
SOOOOOO we of course delivered a Jar of Happiness to Mrs. Betty
you should have seen her face... it was priceless
I had a pic of it...
and a pic of her with Bub
but well they are maybe on a cloud or just gone...
oh well

 because all of my little old ladies across the street talk to one another
Bubs and I will be making one for all of them too...
and I'll get pics of that!!!

okie dokie that about does it...
this time change thing is getting to me
thank goodness I am on SB right now

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 I got this idea off of Pinterest... duh
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