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Five, Fire King, and 50

YAY I made it...
it is Saturday and my Spring Break has officially begun
 I wish I had some great teaching things to share with you BUT....
I do NOT!!! whaaa

we had CBAs (aka kinda benchmark testing) most of the week and
then we had a half day which I was not there for
I was getting my boobies smashed... more about that later...

anywho... I am loving Doodle Bugs Teaching for her weekly linky
because it keeps me blogging :) THANKS


and now for my very RANDOM 5

 I collect vintage Fire King...
and I found this beaut---eeee
I was debating telling you guys about this place because I already have a hard time
winning my bids but this place is so neat I just had to share with you...
what is it???
it is like EBAY
for goodwill...
Goodwills around the country get donations that are actually highly collectible or
REALLY valuable... and so instead of selling these item in the store they
put them online...
Hubs of course searches for nerd gear and
I look for important things like Fire King.
 vintage Farley Candy Advertising, and other totally random stuff!!!
I have won quite a few things BUT I will warn you right now...
shipping and handling can be pricey... be sure to check that before finalizing
your bid...it all depends on what Goodwill it is coming from...
some think their handling should be more than others...
 sorry the pic is sooo dark...
we got Bub some storage for his toys...
he has basically taken over the front den with all of his SCHTUFF
and I was going NUTSO
so we found this unit at COSTCO and it is a great solution
each basket is themed...
cars, Angry Birds, blocks, puzzles, Star Wars, games, Legos, and one more I can't remember...
but the rule is only ONE basket can be out at a time...
and then if he wants another basket... then he  has to clean up the contents of that basket put it back and then he can get the next basket...
it has been working GREAT!!!
and the playroom/front den has never been cleaner...
I have been waiting for this book for like FOREVER!!!!
and it finally came in yesterday!!!
I am super excited about it because I am going to pair it up with the Chris Van Allsburg version
and I can't wait to do this for next year!!!

They are both wonderful literary Nonfiction biographies about Annie Edson Taylor
the very FIRST person to travel over the Falls in a barrel and survive!!!
yep a little old lady did it first

the kids loved reading CVA's version... and now I have this one too
YAY it is on my to do list to make a little unit on Miss Annie
here are links to the 2 books

 Rachel's Sentence Stretchers have been a life saver...
My kiddos hardly ever make shorty short short sentences now!!!
and they loved the task cards...
I did 10-12 cards a day and I taped them around the room
so they had to travel around the room to complete the activity...
they LOVE this!!! and believe it or not they don't get toooo hyper :)

here is a link to Rachel's Store HERE
or click on the pic to go straight to the Sentence Stretcher Task Cards :)
HEY look I did have something school related!!!


Needless to say I have been off my diet...
and I have gained some of my weight back... 9 pounds...
so I am back at minus 41 pounds
I am blaming it on the recent events...
BUT I am also not gonna let myself  gain any more!!!
with the help of Bub I am back on track!!!
he made me lunch today and
it was ZERO calories!!!
yummy let me tell ya
NO but seriously!!!
I am back on track and my goal for this Spring Break is to walk 50 MILES!!!
wish me luck!!!

now I told you I was gonna talk about my boobie smash later...
and now is the later!!!
I went yesterday to get smashed
I was NERVOUS!!!!
my mom is a breast cancer survivor... 
double mastectomy
with reconstruction
nice new tatas and no more cancer YAY

well anyways I needed to get my mammogram and
yesterday was my first time
I am not gonna lie...
it hurt a little and I never knew my girls could go so flat...
I opted for the 3d imaging and so I should get my results on Monday

I was hoping to get them yesterday
BUT since I was just a screening I will find out Monday
YES I am nervous... that is just how I am!!!
but I am also mad
I am mad because in order to get the 3d imaging I had to pay an extra $50
I can afford that
but many people that came into the imaging center after me
could not
and DECLINED it...
I saw about 
this is the best way to find breast cancer
and I am not sure why it has to be an extra fee... it should just be the norm
it made me very upset!!! VERY!!!
Women should not have to pay an extra fee to get the best imagining available
early detection is the key to fighting breast cancer
not fair...
if boys had to get their manly parts squeezed flat to check for cancer
I am sure the best imaging wouldn't be an upgraded fee
think about it!!!