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FIVE, chick cash, & fill your basket

It is Friday and I am OFF
I need this break...
do you have today off???
Next week is the dreaded State Testing and I HATE this time of year...
HATE yes I used the word H-A-T-E
E-NUFF about that

so thank goodness I have Easter this weekend to brighten my weekend
and remind me of my blessings...
another thing that helps me count my blessings is


so here are some way random things...
I already posted about this BUT this was really fun and it was even better delivering them!!!

I was feeling YUCKY on Monday and stayed home!!! My little dog was confused... she kept checking on me.

My nephew turned FIVE... time flies by so fast. K (my nephew) and Bub are 6 months apart.
I can't believe how excited my kiddos were to do this.  I get excited for them to do these too!!!
they didn't want to stop for specials... I made them... teacher needed a break!!!

SO I AM MEAN!!! My kiddos are like PEEPS in a microwave... about to explode... and their behavior would not be featured in a Miss Manners Magazine so in order to control some unwanted behaviors and keep me sane.. I came up with my CHICK CASH... I only did this for this craft... so they had to earn a chick.... be good and do your best.. that is all I ask adn if they strayed away I took it back... YES I DID!!!
and if they still had their chick... they had to solve it correctly... they should solve it correctly... we have only been working on this since OH FOREVER!!!! and then and ONLY then could they make their ADORB Easter Treat!!!
NOTE...kids pictured above are not my kiddos from this year!!! they are my kiddos from last year and are the offspring of my best teaching buddies so they just got to make them for being cute... and under the promise I get to take their PIC... of course they said YES because I am their FAVORITE TEACHER EVA... and shhhhh one of them has their mom this year as a teacher and I am still HIS favorite... HA HA HA!!! HEE HEE HEE *wink*

 well that is my FIVE
thanks so much for stopping by!!!
and one more thing...