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May Currently

I {puffy} heart MAY
for one it is my birthday month
and two is it bad that I get excited for SUMMER

I am going to keep this one short and sweet!!!
You know what to do

alrighty here ya go

the random question is....
pageant title
in it state what your pageant title would be and state your platform
don't we all have a little pageant diva in us
if not just pretend :)

here is yours....

okie dokie artichokie
there it is and now to link up :)
I do want to say....
thanks for linking up and remember I might not comment on all of your links
BUT I do look at ALL of them!!!
I get an email notification every time some luverly peep links up
and I look at them all!!!
so please know that I am grateful that you link up
but it would take me forever and a day to comment on all of the links :)
plus those silly SPAM verification words are whackity whack FO SHO
thanks again... and let's get this PARTAY started