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Knock Knock, food web, & 2 trains

sorry I haven't been blogging...
I don't know about you but
the last few weeks are CRAY CRAY
it is like a whirl wind of paperwork, grades, cleaning, organizing, class lists, check off lists, and babysitting
did Farley say BABYSITTING...
yes yes I did
my grades are due this Tuesday BUT
kiddos go til next Friday... yes I have a WHOLE 3 days of
thank goodness I LOVE LOVE LOVE my class.
BUT this make NO SENSE to me... none
goose egg!!!
Does it make any sense to you?
I have a secret... SHHHHH
it has to do with Kristen at Ladybug's Teacher Files

I am almost finally over my virus...
I just got my voice back this week
KNOCK KNOCK (that was me knocking on wood)
and I am finally getting a good night's sleep withOUT waking up in a hideous coughing fit
wanted to share some random pics of what I've been up to lately...
maybe they will substitute as a good excuse for not blogging...
alright ROLL the pics...
our SEE-D windows turned out great!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE

we even grew potatoes... they were so surprised to see their roots get so big without soil

 NEXT is my food web activity... I LOVE this
hope the directions make sense... if not let me know and I will have the kids do it again...
BECAUSE they loved it too
and I will repost about it

the key to the above food web activity is to try and toss across the web.. and sometimes let it go to the same consumers... it works great when you do several food  chains... it is also a great visual to see how a food web is composed of several food chains...can you tell I LOVE this activity

keep the pics rolling... right?


we went to Landa Park or as bub likes to call it Land Before Time Park...
yes he LOVES that movie (all of them... and I love netflix for having it ready at any time)
anywho we fed the ducks

and we rode the train... soooooooo fun


well that about sums it up...
I have a TON of things coming up
some great new things...
I KNOW you are going to LOVE them!!!
give aways
and MORE