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you asked for it... LOL

I had a couple of requests for a blank "we do" poster....
i added it to the SCRIBD download
on the post below :)
I also had questions about how big I was going to make this poster...
I found out yesterday that since I make these in PowerPoint and save them as Jpegs
that the bigger I make it the lower the res gets....
BUT if you print from your printer...
on a normal 8x11
they turn out fine.

MY goal is to get on my PS and get this in high res along with my
"famous farley quotes" and get them on scribd for you too.

BUT not until my girls win the WORLD CUP!!!

thanks boston.com for the pic



  1. I didn't ask for the blank poster, but I certainly do appreciate it! Thanks!


  2. You rock!!!! Thank you! And ps---I already downloaded your lesson plan cover... 4 times....lesson plan book, sub binder, tracking binder and reading/ writing conferring notebook!!!

  3. What an upset our women faced in the World Cup, but they played their hearts out and inspired people around the world. What more can you ask for?! ... And talk about Abby "using her brain"!!!

    Your blog is amazing and inspiring! So many great ideas and resources to get me motivated for this new year! Thanks for sharing your marvelous ideas!


~ I {PuFFy} HeArT comments!!!! THANK YOU!!!