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LOTS of FrEeBiEs & GiVe-AwAy reminder!!!

I am in  LA LA Land over
the great response to my

If you didn't know about it
click on
the pretty pink poster 
ABOVE to go enter!!!!

Not really sure how you could miss a give-away worth $850 BUT just in case I am here to remind you and I still LOVE you!!!

BUT before you leave...
as promised I made some freebies!!!
For every 50 comments I promised one freebie
and as of last night
before I went to bed I had
330 comments so that means
I owe you 6 freebies!!!
BUT I got carried away and made 8
might be because I was up LATE LATE LATE making these and I wanted tonight off..maybe
or I JUST LOVE YOU GUYS SO SO SO MUCH that I made 8...
yeah that's it ((((YAWN)))) do you feel the LOVE???

Here you go....

Tallula Moon &/or ScrapALatte's kits!!!
& I made all of these in Power Point too!!

You can use this to plan out your weeks... for school or home!!!
I know I need weekends on my planners because I have a life outside of
school (maybe) AND let's face it I do school work over the weekend too!!!

If you are a LONG time follower...you have seen something like this before!!!
I mixed my regular To Do List with some cute elements and paper from TM and SAL's
digi- kits!!!

The next 2 posters are signature sheets!!!
When there is a BDay in your room...
print one of these up and have the whole class
sign it for the BDay boy or girl!!!
This one is for the boy!!!
this one is for the girl!!!!

If you print this out and then fold it in half...
you have a....
little note from the teacher!!!
& it is OK to write nice and not nice I mean informative notes in here!!!

Math Poster Anyone?
Here is a list of problem solving steps
The Math Seven!!!

 Here it is again but with what to do included :)

 Last but not least....
I made this
Getting Home Poster
to help organize how my kids get home!!!
I can print this and heavy duty laminate it
write their names in sharpie
and if something changes.... I can erase it!!!
DID YOU KNOW... you can use the dry erase liquid cleaner to erase sharpie?

Not to brag BUT I am LUV-n my Getting Home Poster!!! ***WINK***

OK there you have it...your freebies and to make your life easier I put them in a bundle for easy downloading in my TpT store...

click here to go right there!!!

OK there are your freebies from today!!!!
AND I hope I get to work on some more freebies for you!!!
Don't forget to spread the word on your blog too!!!
THANKS to those that have!!!
You can use this (you have seen it before) pretty pink poster to help spread the word!!!!

click on this poster or its twin to head on over and enter
or really you could just scroll down to the next post because it is right below this one!!!
if you have an idea of what you might like for a freebie drop me a line :)
remember to spread the word!!!
I MIGHT be making something JUST for my
FAVORITE bloggers that shared this contest on their blog
and if you shared on your blog
 I might be asking you for your email address when the contest is over
a little bribe-n never hurts ***WINK***
have a great Monday!!! and remember this contest ends Thursday!!!