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where in the world is....

I just saw
a really neat post on

The First Grade Parade

She was asking if Dallas area teachers were interested in meeting up...
I live in Universal City, Texas (right outside San Antonio) and would LOVE
to meet up BUT it is kinda far away and
we just got back from there
so I am crossing my fingers hubby might want to take another road trip!!!

ANYWHO... I started thinking I have NO CLUE
where everyone is from...
I know some but not most!!!
I thought
I could set up a guestbook and let's see what happens.
After it has been up for awhile
I think I can share the HTML code and others can post it too.
That way there are not a swarm of guestbooks...does that make sense.
We could all share the same book!!! YAY

so sign up today and spread the word
let's see how many teachers we can get :)

you can use this poster / sign
to spread the word...