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BrAiNs - FrEEBie - HiNt & a ?

please read this post til the end... you won't regret it ***WINK WINK***

I say that a lot (see poster above)
A LOt A LOT in my class.
Not MEAN or anything
but when they ask
how do you spell that
or I don't know or
I don't get it...
I usually say
USE your brain!!!
With that said... I found this awesomeness at the soon to be gone Borders
ON SALE of course (5 buckaroos I think)

yeah -- it is sideways BUT I am being lazy and don't want to reload
can't BLOGGER let us turn them ...WHAAAA

I had to have it!!!  It is a silicone BRAIN ice-cube tray!!!
I wanted it to make those really cute recycled crayon creations
I have seen all over Pinterest!!!
I explained to my Hubby what I was going to do and in his
(I {PUFFY} HEART dorks)
he took the tray into the garage and
filled it with some type of plastic concoction!!!


I am thinking of spraying them
gold or pink and handing them out as awards!!!

Like a BRAIN-iac award or something
Brainy like that!!!

I loved this SOOOO much I sent hubs back to Borders
and he got me these...

this one has 2 radios 2 microphones and 2 dollar signs
I am thinking
Great Listener
Wonderful Presentation for Author Share
NO CLUE for the $$$$

Happy face will be for a GREAT day!!!
I figured when they reach the top of
my clip chart they will get one of these!!!
Hubby is going to be busy!!!
I don't have too many kids reach the VERY top of my chart so
maybe he will have to make 2 or 3 sets!!!

 I am thinking I could still do the crayon thing
 and hubs said plaster of paris might work for others without a hubby that knows how to make plastic
but for now he has a little side job...
making stuff for me!!!!

I have made something for you too...if you want it!!!
I had these made as wallet size prints at Costco and will hand them out with the BRAIN!!!

Use Your Brain

SOMETHING ELSE you might like....
I have a lot of questions about how I make my signs and WHERE I  get my FANTABULOUS graphics from...
tune back in tomorrow because I have teamed up with the
AHHH SOME girls over at
for an OUT of this WORLD give-away!!!
details will come tomorrow!!!
YAY!!! can't wait!!!
and they LOVE LOVE LOVE teachers!!

ps the give-away is valued at over $800
YEP you read that right
OVER $800!!!!

and can someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me how to # my comments!!!
I have a feeling that I might need a comment counter!!!