thanks & a freebie

As a quick thank you for being
Here is a FREEBIE
for ya!!!
THANKS so much...
never in a bajillion years would
I think I would have 300
well almost 300 followers!!!

we do


  1. Thanks for sharing this cuteness. Your blog is awesome! I just became follower #300! Do I get a prize? Haha! I also teach 4th and love your ideas.

  2. i LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!

    i'm using this idea during the first week of school! i will be having half my kids back this school year, as i taught a split 4/5 class last year.
    i plan on using a kagan cooperative learning structure to have them write their own "We do..."


    thanks for the great idea! i have read all of your entries! i think we would be best friends in real life!

  3. oh and since my kiddos will be writing their own...would it be possible to get a copy of the blank poster? :-)

  4. Just found your blog, LOVE-LOVE it! So much fun! What size are you going to print your fabulous poster? You just upload it to Costco as a jpeg? My classroom MUST have one next year!
    What program do you use to do all of your other cute paper and embellishments? :)

  5. Love your blog! Your fun personality just explodes in every post! I just know your students have so much fun with and {PuFFy} HeArT you! I would love to be in your classroom myself! Also would love to know how you create all of your graphics for your blog. Please share! I don't have a teaching blog yet, but have become inspired.;)

  6. I love your blog!!! I just came across it and was grinning from ear to ear reading your posts! I am a 3rd grade teacher and will be visiting your blog on a regular basis. :)

  7. Thanks for sharing! Love your blog!

    Quick question...How do you get the scribd page to load on your posts? I've only been able to post with a link to it :(

    Mrs. Sphon's Adventures in 4th

  8. @ jen... there is a section to the left that says embed click on it... I think it is by the edit tab...really small!!! hope this helps


~ I {PuFFy} HeArT comments!!!! THANK YOU!!!