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I was watching the US Women's World Cup game
and I was inspired to do this CURRENTLY design
I hope you love it.
I played soccer from 2nd grade through college
up until I blew my knee out when I was like 30.
like {PUFFY} heart love it!!!

This month's CURRENTLY sponsor is…


oh and I have to say
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all of you that donated last month
together we raised over $600
OVER $600
that is mind blowing!!!
POW… that was my mind blown
any who
I will be delivering the check to the WAG organization at their Adoption Day Event on July 25th 
and I can't wait.  There is also going to be City Council Members along with WAG representatives.  I am so excited and my heart is so FULL that my little ole blog was able to raise so much for a great cause!!!! THANKS SO MUCH!!! If it wasn't for my fantabulous readers, none of this would be possible.  Miss Pat, at WAG, said that this money is greatly needed because several of the dogs that they still have in the rescue (from the flood) are heart worm positive, and have other ailments and this money will be used to help with their treatments and other medical care.  THANKS again for being so AWESOME!!!

and now for what you have been waiting on…
 the game is over and I am so excited…

Every year Hubs takes off for the 4th and we head out to THE SIPP…
AKA Mississippi
so if any of you Mississippi Gulf Coast peeps want to meet up
holla at me
we go there to visit my Gma and other family
BUT let's keep it real… I go to see my GMA

and let's not talk about the lack of packing I have done or not done…
I am really good at stacking everything on the bed and organizing it that way
and then SWISH… pack it in the suitcase last minute…
so I have bed stacks
I just need to pack it

I am excited about VEGAS…
I am nervous about
being over scheduled
flying and flying

I am usually a pretty confident person…
but because I can hide behind this computer screen…
and I know how to take a pic from my good side and angle…
plus I have a WONDERFUL app for editing my selfies…
ask me in vegas and I will share it with you!!!
BUT… I will admit it...
I am nervous about meeting everyone…
and being out in the open… is that weird… am I the only one???
I can hide behind this blog
and edited pics and edited words
but not in VEGAS…
I don't have anything to hide
I am just worried…
I feel like I am going to a new high school and I want to be the cool kid…
tons of questions...
what do you wear
how many outfits do I bring
do I have time to play slots
do I bring my laptop
will all my chins show up in the pics
am I gonna sweat like a pig… I sweat so easily
have you seen the predicted temps
will my makeup melt off my face
will people like me
will people like my #currentlyvegas
will people do the above mentioned hashtag
will my hair cooperate
if I sweat I sweat pink… because of my hair… smirk face
will I be ok on the plane…
will my roommate hate me before we land
how big can my carry on be
can I pack hairspray
is their a wt limit for luggage
I hate flying
hope I don't forget anything…
AHHHHHHHHHH remind me why I am going again…
really I am excited I am
anywho… I need to get over this
I will be fine… I just have to get there
and I need to relax and enjoy the moment…
AND first I have THE SIPP to enjoy
and I am sure HUBS will love hearing about all my nervous nelly problems on our 8 hour drive
no wait he is driving… 10 hour drive!!! ha ha ha

ALL STAR… everyone knows if they want an honest opinion…
come to me
If you are trying an outfit on… I will not lie and tell you that outfit looks great
I will not be blunt and mean… I will do it nicely...
I would hope you do the same…
if your boyfriend is a jerk and you ask for advice I will tell you like it is…
I do have a filter but if you ask for advice be prepared… I do deliver an honest opinion.

my friends know this and sometimes they have to tell me to just listen… no advice needed
I am a good listener too!!!

OK your turn...

all star… what are you great at

here are the RULES… 
please follow the rules
I have noticed some are not doing the rule of 3…
please read these and follow them
and no saving your spot on the linky list by linking to a blank page
while you make your currently…
please and thank you… 

and don't forget you can do CURRENTLY in your classroom!!!


  1. Thank you so much for hosting this each month. It is always fun to see what everyone is up to.
    Grade School Giggles

  2. Hey Farley! You are not alone in being nervous! I think overwhelmed might also be a good word! Meanwhile- BAM! I am #8 this month! Only took three years to break into the top ten. I just wish I had thought about reserving a spot with a blank blog post a long time ago! (People really do that?) I hope to meet you soon!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

  3. Thanks for hosting. It's my first time participating, but it is a lot of fun! When it comes to that nervousness stuff...I steered clear of Vegas because I wasn't confident enough to go this year (or maybe ever). That's saying a lot because I'm usually over confident about everything, especially people (extrovert over here!). I keep thinking that I want to go, but all of those questions/comments that you listed up there are exactly what's going through my head. I hope you soak it all up and don't forget to enjoy yourself!

    Simply Secondary

  4. You are going to have so much fun! Just remember to breath and enjoy the craziness!
    The Techie Playground 

  5. I'm SUPER DUPER SAD that I won't be at Vegas this year! I didn't know you were going! WAAAAA! Just couldn't swing it with the move and babycakes. After meeting you everyone will know what Amber and I know already! That you are AAAAAMazeballs! Have the best time and post lots of pics!! XO

    1. Let's all change our flights to Seattle and come see you instead!!!!! I know a dude with a sweet condo :) lol We miss you in Texas already!

  6. We are going to have a blast in Vegas. I can guarantee that your roommate would never hate you! Call me if you have questions on what to take. Love you!

    Krazy Town

  7. I'm going to Vegas too and I am excited, but nervous!!! It sounds like there will be a lot of people there!! Thanks so much for hosting the Currently link-up each month! I can't believe it's already July 1st!! Have a great rest of the week!
    ~Heather :)
    Recipe for Teaching

  8. We are like Vegas Worry Twins! I hate flying so much that I strongly considered driving there. From Ohio. (I love road trips, though!) And I'm so nervous about meeting so many people. I'm terrible with names, too. Aaaahhhh! But it will be so good, right?

    Adventures of a Schoolmarm

  9. You keep forgetting you are already the cool kid and we love you even more because you don't let that get to your currently pink head. Is it more pink/purple than it was? I am curious now... I am solving my hair problem by cutting it all off. I think Suzanne should pack hairspray for you because she uses less hair product. I am packing spa products for you to help you relax. See- feeling better?

    1. Good idea except I don't even own hairspray...

  10. You can definitely pack hair spray! You are already a cool kid! Have fun and see you in Vegas!

  11. Have an amazing time in the Sipp and in Vegas baby! I'm sure the nerves will melt away. You got this!
    Sandy at Elementary Expedition

  12. Thank you for hosting another Currently! I love that you made it soccer themed. I watched the US Women's game today, and it was such a great game!

    The Teaching Cew

  13. It was a great game to watch, huh?! Also, I'm so glad so many donated to WAG last month! That is so awesome!!!
    Miss Johnston's Journey
    L. Paull Designs for All

  14. I have some family in The Sipp too! I thought we were the only ones who called it that! And I feel the sameeee way about Vegas. Especially the flying and crowds. But we got this! Hah

  15. Last night's soccer game was awesome! The best I've seen the girls play during this whole competition. Vegas is going to be so much fun, even though I think we are all nervous!

    Sara :)
    The Colorful Apple

  16. Go USA! Wasn't their win over Germany last night just the BEST? I've never been to Vegas, have only attended two other small blogger meet-ups in my almost two-years time, and really HATE to fly.....and I am traveling alone! I just keep taking deep breathes and telling myself that all will be well! As always, thanks for your straight-up honesty and this fun monthly linky party!
    Stories and Songs in Second

  17. Congratulations on raising so much money!!!!! Have a blast in Vegas! I so wish I was going this year! I would be nervous too, but you'll be fine! Everyone loves you already! :)

    A Sunny Day in First Grade

  18. That's awesome that so much money was raised!!! Makes my animal lover heart so happy! I can't wait to meet you in Vegas. Don't worry... you're going to be fine! Thanks so much for this fabulous linky every month. See you in a week!
    Joya :)

  19. We are going to have a blast in Vegas...and remember, everyone is a cool kid there! You are fantastic!

    Right Down the Middle

  20. I have not been able to get to Vegas yet because of being in grad school classes every summer. I finally finish at the end of this summer and am hoping to get there next year, but I feel the exact same as you! I really want to go, but if I decide to go I know I will be a nervous wreck! I bet though that you will have an amazing time.

    Mrs. Pauley’s Kindergarten

  21. I am so nervous about Vegas too. I had to have a friend give me a pep talk. The meetup alone is making me freak out already! I know once that is over everything else will be great... but 900 people in one room..... #whatintheworld. Oh, and you better believe I will use your currently hashtag. Can't wait to see you there.


    Fancy Free in Fourth

  22. Thanks so much for hosting....I consider myself pretty accomplished that I've linked up twice! Hoping to create a new habit. Have a GREAT time in Vegas...I'm sure it will be amazing!

  23. So excited that you were able to get so much donated last month! That's amazing!! I can't wait to find you in Vegas!!! You'll do great flying! Just take something to distract yourself!!!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade 

  24. Farley - can't wait to see your face in Vegas!!! You won't sweat all your makeup off unless you go outside. :) And there's no need for that with all the fun that's going on inside! Thanks again for hosting!


  25. Thank you for another fabulous currently! Have a blast on both of your vacations!

    My Crazy Life

  26. Our cable was out, so I couldn't watch the game! Boo on Summer Storms!
    Have fun on the Sipp Coast. It's my most favorite place ever! ( I may be bit biased I did live there for half of my life.)
    Good luck at Vegas! You are going to do great! :)

  27. I'm right there with you & all of your feelings about Vegas! Will people like me? Will I come across as a dork? Will I be sitting in a corner by myself? I'm sure we are going to have a blast! If all else fails, come join me in the corner & we'll have our own party! lol :-) I know we'll be just fine!! People love you. Can't wait to meet you!
    Learning Is Something To Treasure

  28. I'm super nervous about Vegas too. I went last year and felt awkward because I didn't know anyone and I really wanted to make connections, but for some reason I got shy. Anyway, if I see you and your face is melting because it is 115 degrees, I won't judge, because my hair will be frizzy and I'll be melting too! Have a great time!
    BTW I L-O-V-E soccer and still (attempt to) play on a coed rec team. We really suck but we drink beer afterwards and it's all good. Thanks for showing the USWNT some love!!!
    On the Go Teacher Mama

  29. Thanks for your Currently! Sometimes it is the only time I blog in the month- which is SOOOO terrible!
    You'll have a blast in Vegas! I used to work it with SDE for five years in a row- it got to be too much to travel though. Seeing all my presenter friends gearing up makes me miss it. Are you going to the TpT conference and the Blogger meet up. Just be YOU! There's NO ONE else like you! :)
    Melissa Leach

  30. I'm nervous, too! I get overwhelmed by large crowds and star struck over people I look up to. (Like YOU!). I'm fine in small groups but get tongue tied at big gatherings- unless it's children =)
    All of us Nervous Nellies can support one another and we'll be fine!
    I Love First Grade

  31. I have a funny feeling that most of use are the same way: we are all chatty and friendly online, but face to face we clam up. This is my third year in Vegas, and I'm still nervous! Last year, at the Blogger Meet up, I was terrified, but I took a deep breath, put on my "extrovert" face, and walked around the room. I smiled and introduced myself to hundreds of fellow bloggers, and I'm glad I did it! I'm sure you'll be fine! (I can't wait to meet you!)

    Sally from Elementary Matters

  32. I love hearing that so many people are nervous about meeting others at the conference. It makes the rest of us feel much better that we aren't alone! Can't wait to meet you in person! And, as always, thanks for the linky and for allowing me to be a sponsor this month! :)

  33. Girl don't be one bit of nervous...I feel like I'm going to throw up 25 times a day when I think about presenting! You are going to have a blast. Can't wait to see you! xo

  34. Wishing you the best time in Vegas! As for the nerves, we know you will go out fiercely and own it :) and I am sure you will have a blast while doing it. All the best xx
    Stars and Wishes

  35. Aww Good Luck in Vegas! You'll be amazing and own it and rock it while doing it all! Thanks for hosting this each month! :) Have fun in Vegas!!
    Yee-Haw in Kindergarten

  36. Just did my first "Currently," and loved doing it! Thanks for hosting!

    Fervent First Grade Frenzy

  37. Ahhh... I am from the SIPP, Gulfport to be exact! If only the hubby didn't up and move be to Canada 3 years ago. I fly down at least twice a year to visit and think about how much I miss the coast and warm weather. Oh, and the food! My mouth is watering just thinking about southern food. Yum.
    And girl are you serious?! You are totally feeling me because I feel like you are such a pro at this! You have nothing to be nervous about. Me on the other hand... a 3rd year blogger and TPTer who has been slow at it all would have A LOT to be nervous about. I would be a lost ant in a big ant hill. lol. You on the other hand will be like a celebrity girl. I wish I was going. Hopefully next year. I hope you have a fabulous time in the Sipp and in Vegas. :)

    Lovely Literacy and More

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. I totally understand! I would much rather sit behind my computer than expose myself to the real world! I went to Vegas last year and felt exactly like this! It is terrifying and intimidating, but I'm pretty sure that 80% of the TpTers that attended the conference were in exactly the same boat... scared and lost! And everyone is so nice! I hope you have a wonderful time! We will not be going this year... bummer... but, maybe next year!

    PS... I played club and college soccer. Who did you play for?

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. You will be an amazing presentor! The fact that your nervous means you care and love what you do! You got this!! I so wish I was going! Have fun!!


  42. You will be great! Wish I were going!!

    Everyday I'm Calculatin

  43. As usual, another FABULOUS link up post. I love reading your currently! But I also love linking up with you for it and viewing loads of other peoples too! Thanks for the fab opportunity :)

  44. YAY.....so glad you and your blog readers were able to raise $600! As you would say, "I {puffy} heart love" this cause.....and I {puffy} heart love that the money raised will be helping those sick pups! So, so, so thankful I was able to help and that you raised awareness for this cause!

    Mind Sparks

  45. I am so excited to link up with you and do my first "Currently!" Great job raising money for a good cause! <3 I hope you had a fabulous time in Vegas. Wish I had been able to attend this year. Maybe next year!!

    Mrs. Harrison's Hive


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