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My TpT Vegas 2015 Trip

oh my gosh
This blog post has been simmering in my mind for a few days
seriously there is so much to talk about…
I went to VEGAS a nervous Nelly…
seriously I was SCARED!!!
I was freaking that people wouldn't like me
I mean my personality is true through this blog
but it is easy to hide behind this screen
but to put myself out there…
not so easy

I was freaking about flying
I hadn't flown in almost 15 years
and that was a scary experience…
seriously imagine a 12 seater plane
and the stewardess straps herself in and passes out the barf bags
we had to fly through a severe thunderstorm
let's just say it was like driving over large turtles
in a wind tunnel
all while swerving back and fourth
NOT a FUN experience!!!

I was freaking about SWAG and BRAG
I didn't make business cards
I didn't make a t-shirt
I didn't make a notebook
or tumbler
or pens
or a bag
seeing all that schtuff scroll across my social media
was making my nerves FRAY
I decided to make a Vegas only CURRENTLY

ALL of that worry and stress was not necessary

3 reasons...

I met virtual friends and now when hubby says
I can say YES
it was amazing seeing these faces
face 2 face
all of these ladies and gent have played a HUGE part in my bloggy life
and it was AMAZING to see them in person!!!

TIP- I did make a mental list of 5 peeps I HAD to see
and guess what I did see all of those!!!
am I gonna tell you the 5 I wanted to see NOPE
I don't want to hurt any feelings… I loved meeting everyone!!!

I am still in shock that people wanted to meet me…
I don't see myself as a super star… even though I had a couple of people call me that
one cutie even cried when we met (no names again) and a few were shaking…
inside I was thinking OH MY goodness
and really on the inside I was just as nervous as they were!!! 
really it put this whole blogging thing in perspective for me…
and talk about a self esteem booster

people love me for ME
people actually stopped me and wanted my picture… 
people thanked me
complimented me 
that is still CRAZY to me
I left with a renewed sense of ME

#2 my roomies and my dad
I could not have asked for better roomies
NOT JANE   and    Krazy Town

I think I have been blogging longer BUT
these 2 are FULL of expert knowledge!!!
TONS of information
if I had any questions they knew the answer
our late night talks were fun and inspiring
I would't have survived without them…

they were a huge help the ENTIRE trip
I was such a crazy pants
all of my days were blending together
I couldn't even tell people what day it was

*** squirrel ***
I have an excuse for being extra cray
I went to The Sipp the week before Vegas
with hubs and Bubs
and was home for about 28 hours before I left for VEGAS
((is that a good excuse))
we had a blast there too…
here's proof!!!

********** ok that squirrel is across the road****************

If you didn't see…
my Dad surprised me in Vegas…
I may have broken down and cried before I left for Vegas… 
ok I did it a few times...
because I was so nervous
I have issues
(flying and crowds)
and I am a Daddy's girl 
so he flew out and surprised me…
no one knew except my mamma…
my roomies had things to do Wednesday 
so Dad and I went shopping, snacking, and slot playing
and then the other days we enjoyed lunch and dinners together
he also flew home on the same flight
IT was GREAT to have him there and made my heart so FULL!!!
makes me a little teary eyed right now thinking about this man
he has ALWAYS been there for me and is possibly my #1 FAN
Hubs might disagree… 
neither one of them read this so they'll never know
ha ha ha 
but Mamma does BUT she is on vaycay right now…
without me :(

and I swear my dad knows how to smile
it is just hard to catch it…
a few people recognized my dad and asked me about him
some even recognized me because of my dad
we even got approached at the airport
by a cutie patootie because they recognized my dad
so next year
yep he said he was coming with me next year too
 I told him I'll make him a button or a shirt
he is famous now… ha ha ha

and finally
this quote

Rachel Lynette used this quote in her keynote
and it really hit home…
I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do with this quote...
and then when I was trying to make this…
this picture is a shot I took from our Sipp trip
and then when I married the quote to the pic I had my AHA moment…
Paul told us to find our AHA moment

like the ocean pic above…
for me the rising tide is TpT
they support us as needed and as they grow it helps us all
they are the reason we are afloat

the boats represent sellers
notice some boats are sail boats,
there a couple of small fishing boats,
a few larger boats,
and a very nice BIG boat…
kinda like the seller community
we are all boats
navigating the TpT sea…
some of us are mo mo mo motoring along
stuck in our ways but it works for us
some of us are calmly sailing and enjoying the ride in their current ship
 and others are cruising the sea… upgrading equipment and learning  the ever changing new ways of the sea every chance they get

before the conference I was probably one of the smaller sailboats
I was sailing along just kinda enjoying the ride
wasn't doing much… I hadn't upgraded my equipment in a long time
and I was dusty from neglect
My sails were tattered because they had traveled for miles without being tended to
faded too… and you know I don't do faded…

and now after the conference…
I have the tools to fix my little sailboat
I have my sights set on upgrading  my equipment
I am also planning on moving to a bigger boat
a pretty new boat… and I think I am going to pack away the sails
and place the motor in the water
all of this will take time and work… lots of work
but I am prepared for this journey…

you get what you put into it right???

I am fully aware… and I hope you are too that
you can't just jump into a LARGE fancy yacht and sail away
you might have to start in an inner tube and float for a little bit
 or you might have to dip your toes in before you get a little row boat
the captains of those big ole boats didn't just jump in…
they worked to get that ship
they might have hired some crew members
they might have paid extra for some boosting motor
BUT the fact is...
they were once little row boats too
really they were

but one thing is for sure…
you can sail the TpT sea always looking at the Big Yachts cruising by
sometimes you look in envy and other times in awww
BUT what  you really need to do is look within and start from there
improve you
focus on you
find your niche
dock where there are positive networking possibilities

I am blessed to be in the TpT sea with all of these other boats
in NO other sea will you find these types of professional friendships
boats no matter how big or small share their secrets to success 
so all can improve

so whether you are mo mo motoring along 
or sailing the high seas
remember it is all up to you

TpT is our sea but you are the captain of your ship!!!

I linked up with the girls over at The Elementary Entourage for this fun linky…
thanks ladies for hosting this… 


  1. Farley <3 whether in vegas or SA. You are loved!!!! I am so glad you made the trip!!! I totally felt the same about showing up to Vegas for the first time this year! Next year I have to stay for tpt! Loved the breakdown of the boats. :)

    1. we need a redo of our Chuy's meet up… I am pretty sure we will have more than 3 of us!!!

  2. Oh girl... This post is spot on! You are one amazing lady and I am happy that I can call you a friend. Keep being amazing!!

    1. you are awesome!!! I am so glad we have connected… wish we lived closer!!!

  3. I was looking for you to get a Vegas Currently but I guess our 'ships' didn't cross paths;) I mean, it was slightly overwhelming so it's no wonder it was so hard to find someone. And, btw, you are a SUPERSTAR to so many! Keep up the awesome work!

    1. you are sooo sweet… I still do not understand how I am a superstar… I think we are all awesome!!!

  4. I had no idea you were scared of flying!!! You poor thing!! And, I'm fairly certain I am now your dad's #1 fan because he seems like the sweetest guy ever! Loved every bit of this post!

    1. if I tell him that it will go to his head for sure!!!

    2. No... Your Dad will smile... And we might catch it! 😉

  5. BEAUTIFUL post. You are an inspiration always. You are YOU and that is to be celebrated because you have so many amazing things to offer: knowledge, laughter, wit, style and grace! I would've loved to have met you in person at Vegas. Miss Nelson and I will be attending next year. What you had to say about the boats...perfect. It needs to be a printable for all of us...can you put that whole writing in your store for me? lol! xo
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

    1. oh I am going to put you and Mrs Nelson on my must meet list for next year… I am glad you understood the whole boat analogy… feel free to copy and paste :)

  6. What a fabulous post! I feel like a lot of it was coming from my mouth! I don't fly and I don't do crowds...I'm shocked the world didn't end last week because I did all these huge out of my box things in one shot!! So blessed to have met you and only regret not getting more time to spend with you! You are a star and a hoot and so much fun! Thanks for the giggles!!! XOXO
    4th Grade Frolics

    1. oh girl next year we need adjoining rooms so we can have tons of fun!!! I am so happy we finally got to meet!!!

  7. Love you girl! So glad I got to spend time with you and Da! Y'all are the best!

  8. I love that analogy! I'm a tiny little puttering row boat, maybe even a canoe??? I didn't go to Vegas, not in the budget. But, I am so inspired to work harder and go outside of my box after seeing all of the amazing posts and hearing success stories. Thanks for sharing your story!

    1. hey a canoe is more than what some have…right.. keep chugging along and be true to you!!!

  9. I was a bundle of nerves, too! And I felt the same way about all of the shirts/buttons/notebooks/cups/etc etc etc. I made my husband print business cards for me the night before we left! It all worked out, though. Wish I would've seen you!

    First Grade STARS

    1. it does all work out doesn't it??? I stressed about not having that stuff and in the end it didn't matter!!! be in the moment!!!

  10. Ok let's be real- I'm a paddle board without the paddle. I'm so glad I got to spend the week with you. I've always bragged on your sweet and humble nature about what you do. I had fun being your roomie and vicariously living through your shoe shopping!!!😜 Btw I'm stealing your dad. HUGS

    1. I love you… you are truly one of the brightest brains of blogging knowledge I know… thanks for sharing your brains with me

  11. I'm so happy you went to Vegas! I love the picture!!! That quote is perfect for your picture :) :) I can't imagine being on that flight!!!! After that, it sounds like it was smooth sailing!!!! I wish I would have met you when we were there. I've never been around so many people before in my life :)

    1. the amount of people is overwhelming… it was mind blowing

  12. Your post was just beautiful! I loved the illustration of the boats and the TPT sea, but that seemed to be the message over and over again while in Vegas. "Find your niche"...I know a number of presenters mentioned that, and I plan on doing a little soul searching to hope I can find what that is. Other news- I caught a glimpse of you at the meet up and was sad I didn't get a chance to say Hi! I had the same dress hanging in my room closet and breathed a sigh of relief that I had decided on wearing something else. How could I compete!?
    Short and Sassy Teacher

    1. oh my gosh… great minds think alike…
      there were soooo many people in that meet up no one would have known… and we could have had the best picture to remember that night!!! next year let's meet!!!

  13. Whoa. What a metaphor. You rocked that!! Glad that you had a blast! Can't wait to see how your new tools help you get to your larger boat. :)
    Tales of a Tenacious Teacher

    1. i am thinking I want my boat to have that fancy bass fishing boat glitter… you know what I mean!!! ha ha ha

  14. How sweet is your dad! I was super nervous too! I'm so sad I didn't get to meet you. Next year for sure!

    Yeehaw! Teaching in Texas

  15. I love Farley! There is no denying what a wonderful person you are! I mean get out! I hope your dad does come next year, too. Hanging out with you and Suzanne was definitely a BIG highlight for me! I cannot wait for the next Bubs story. He has me totally wrapped around his little finger. And then, you took me all over the meet up just to meet Reagan (because, I mean she is the Reagan). All because I had never met her. You are amazing, wonderful and everything sweet with a cherry on top!!!!!

    1. you are so sweet to always ask about Bubs… seriously you are a bright spot in my Vegas memories!!!

  16. LOVED LOVED meeting you! You were one of my "must meet" mental list! I wish we could have chatted more. It was a crazy ride! See you next year!

    P.S. I really like what you said about us being the captains of our own ship. Rachel's quote was so smart and totally resignated with me and you elaborated on it PERFECTLY.

    1. you are so awesome!!! it was so great to finally meet you… even if it was for just a few seconds… next year we will have to chat some more!!!

  17. My sweet and wonderful Maggie aka Farley.... Beautiful post, inspiring post and sharing a bit of our Sipp is the best.. I LOVE you and I LOVE the amazing things you continue to do... If I had kids, I know I'd want you as their teacher! Who knew? I thought we were going to have a vet in the family when you graduated...but look at the lives you have impacted in and out of the classroom!!! Your "rockstar" Dad and I are so proud of you.

  18. What a wonderful post!! That was me that stopped to say "hi" in the airport on the way back! I'd talked to so many others, I figured I'd say hello. And honestly, Instagram is the reason I knew because you showed a picture of your dad.
    Great post. I say bring parents next year--they'll be amazed!

    Digital: Divide & Conquer

    1. you were so sweet to come and say hi at the airport… my dad still brags about being recognized by you!!! My parents and hubs and bubs are planning on coming next year!!! It should be fun… and maybe you and I can actually meet again and chat a little!!!

  19. Thank you Farley for being so honest about what you experienced. I would have thought you'd have walked in there with the swagger of someone well known. You are certainly well-known on the teacher blog circuit - you're one of the first blogs I started reading. And kept reading because you put on the face of who you really are. And I appreciate that. I haven't gotten to one of the TpT conferences, but I know I'd be nervous, too. And yet, in the end, we are who we are. And a lot of people like us for who we are!
    Keep doing what you're doing - navigating that boat. As long as you're moving in the direction you want to go in, you're making progress!
    P.S. (small plug) I'd love for you to link up with my post today - it has nothing to do with TpT or teaching, but with healthy food. We need to take care of our health if we're going to start taking care of a bunch o' chattering, energetic kids next month! If you have the time, please stop by! :)

    1. thanks so much for your kind words… I guess I have some swagger in my comfort zone friendships but when it comes to huge crowds of strangers… that only know you through your blog... it is a different story!!! Now that I know the ways of TpT Vegas… next year will be so much less nerve fraying!!!

  20. Farley, you wrote such an amazing post about Vegas, and I loved your boat metaphor! AND, how sweet is your Dad for surprising you in Vegas?! He wins the Dad of the Year Award! I wish I would have spotted you at the conference this year, but hopefully we will meet next year!


    1. next year for sure!!! can I just tell you how adorable your blog design is… just perfect!!!

  21. Love this post! What an amazing dad you have! I would have cried like a baby when he popped up in Vegas like that! So glad you got over your fear of flying and made it to the conference. I'm not a fan of crowds either and completely understand how overwhelming it can be. So sad I didn't get to meet you, but definitely want to find you next year!

    1. OK I have been drooling over your blog… it is soooo beautiful!!! I was bummed we didn't get to meet. When I saw my dad in the lobby, I think I was in shock… it was completely SHOCKing that he showed up!!!

  22. I love love love every single word you wrote. And I love love love even more that I met you before the conference even started. You are even more amazing in person ... and you had already set that bar (or tide) pretty high.


    1. It was a JOY to have lunch with you and "mr runde" and I am so glad we could finally meet in person!!! Next year let's plan on dinner or lunch again!!!

  23. I love you and I love this post! I'm SO proud of you for stepping out of your comfort zone and going to Vegas! What a sweet thing for your daddy to fly out! Oh my! Amber is sending you a big slobbery kiss! XO

    1. Texas misses you… next Vegas… ma and YOU!!!

  24. I loved reading your post. I didn't get to go to Vegas, but it did look like all of you had fun. A smile came across my face when I saw the pictures of you gals with your dad in the them. He is a great sport - I love it! He will definitely need a shirt next year!

    Teaching Tidbits and More with Jamie

  25. What an amazing post!!!!!! I loved reading it and I loved meeting you even if it was just for a quick minute in the hallway to grab a Vegas Currently!! I was definitely inspired by everyone in Vegas as well! I've even already made some updates to my blog! Your dad is the absolute sweetest for coming out to surprise you - so adorable! Glad you had a wonderful time in Vegas and thanks for sharing!
    ~Heather :)

  26. Oh Dear Farley: I am so sad I didn't get a chance to hug you in Vegas. What a whirlwind that was. Still, I wanted you to know: You're number 1 on my Most Missed list! And...you'll always be a stellar boat in my mind. Someday, I just know our paths will cross...

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  27. What a beautiful post! I didn't make it to Vegas this year but I have enjoyed what you guys have brought home to us! Thank you for sharing your inspiration! I love the boat analogy! It really is perfect. I am a sail boat right now but I am enjoying the journey and looking for an upgrade:) Thank you again!

  28. I absolutely would have died not to have met you!!!! You're one of my faves and always will be!!!! Love you, Farley!

  29. Farley you are my hero! I just love how honest you are! I would be a bundle of nerves too going to Vegas and meeting bloggers that I've followed for years! I love that you owned it! How precious is your dad! He totally rocks! I adore how he supported you! <3

  30. What a great post! I'm sorry I didn't get to talk with you.


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