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SUMMER Math Camp… and I had the art rotation

Last week... you might have seen my super OVERLOAD of
IG pics when I was working at our SUMMER Math Camp… 
I got a lot of feedback on these, and a few asked if I was going to blog about it…
and well looky here… I DID!!!

 protractor art was the first day…
I thought it was simple enough for everyone
we did not finish these in the 45 minutes, so I had them put them on a side table
and they would work on them when they had time the next few days…
some kiddos never finished but all they had to do was finish coloring
which they said they could do at home
I am going to do this activity with my incoming fouthies
because one it is FUN and two it is a great way to become familiar with a brand new math tool!!!
and well it is FUN!!!
 this activity was a struggle for some… a few… like one in each group
and half of the firsties
they have to cut a shape that uses the perimeter as apart of its shape…
if they cut shapes out of the middle it did not work
I had lots of extra squares available
a few kids never caught on and so they just cut random shapes out
of their square and glued them all over their white paper…
they had to use the entire square and glue ALL of the parts down
it is still an exploding square… right…
sorry no pics of those

 these were fun
but took a lot longer than I thought…
all kiddos did these
and did them well
here are some more examples
well that is about it…
I kept it simple.
If you need more explanation
let me know…