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it is Friday and
I am LOVING the irony that this time last week I had an ice day
and today it reached almost 80
Only in TEXAS!!!

Before I go into the CURRENTLY Template of things....
I wanted to let you know that I have a great collection of blogs....
all organized by grade levels...
you can find it on the sidebar --------->
look for a green balloon and the words
Teacher Block Partay
go look and join if you haven't...
everyone is invited
I promise it is full of WONDERFUL BLOGS

alright enough about the weather...
and block partays
let's get down to business....

Jennifer is the blogger behind this creative blog...
she is a devoted mom and teacher...
like all of my sponsors I ask them to give me 3 things they want to share....
and so drum roll please.....
here they are

number one...
click on pic to head on over and grab this

Here is what she has to say....
Super Sweet Arrays is my newest creation!  It took me FOREVER to finish!  I think that it can be one SWEET center for the classroom during the month of February!  Super Sweet Arrays will give your students the opportunity to practice identifying arrays in multiple ways. Students can practice through games and worksheets.  The worksheets have answer keys!  All teachers LOVE answer keys!

number 2

click on me to go and see
Jennifer gives you the details....
I love my Character Education posters!  They are very bright and helpful!  The definition for each character word is written as "I Can" statements so that students can clearly understand the meaning. Each poster also includes 3 examples of each character word.  There are 36 character words!

and NUMBER 3
super excited about this one....
the number 3 thing this EnErGeTic Teacher wants to share with you is her FRIENDS' store...
are you kidding me...
how sweet is this!!!!

Her friends....Stacy and Tara!  
 have opened a new TpT store, Tea and Coffee!   
They sell 100th Day T-shirts, custom magnets, and teacher clipboards
you really need to click on the pic to go check this place out!!!

 thanks so much Jennifer for sponsoring this month's CURRENTLY
if you want to see more of Jennifer... 
head to these places



is there anything that is questionable....

we do yoga 
after school on Friday
those of us that want to partake in this stress releasing activity... head to the library 
and we DE-STRESS with yoga!!!
It is AWESOME... 
if you want to see a pic of us melting our stress away... 
you can check out my Instagram (farleyfarleyfarley)

not too worried about the formal observation but it is on my mind...

have been fighting this bronchitis crapola for a couple of weeks now....
YAY... I am feeling better BUT not 100%
maybe 75% 
my goal this weekend is to REST REST REST 

ok the 2 truths and a fib...
1. YEP I won a t-shirt contest for the WNBA... it was super cool!!! and they told me it was one of the best selling shirts of all time for WNBA and NBA... OH YEAH!!!! i saw no $$$ just 3 free shirts... and some other goodies

2. YEP this is the last month for a CURRENTLY SPONSOR...
I will eventually do it again...BUT it will be different and won't be available for at least another few months... last time I opened it up for sponsors it booked for a year out....
I think Jennifer has waited a year or more... so please show her some love!!!

3. FIB.... I don't even like coffee.... I LOVE WATER!!! that is pretty much all I drink... I only drink WATER and the occasional HEALTHY fruit smoothie... NO soda for over a year... almost 2.... feels good :)

and now your turn

PLEASE don't forget my rules....
1. link up to your CURRENTLY POST... the specific post please... if someone clicks on your pic they should head to your CURRENTLY POST 
NOT YOUR STORE... so wrong
not any ole BLOG post... they want to see your CURRENTLY POST
I only bring this up because I have had some issues lately...
I had to delete (for the first time in CURRENTLY history) some links the past 2 months...
I get anxiety doing that and super sad and kinda MAD too...
ok a lot mad 

2. follow the rule of 3....
PLEASE go to the 2 blogs before your link and read their CURRENTLY and leave a meaningful comment... and then go to the link after yours and leave a meaningful comment there too...
a meaningful comment is not vague or copy and pasted 
it doesn't ask them to come and follow you 
it refers back to something they wrote
it is genuine and from the heart!!!

OK that is it... 
not too bad right???

if you are confused on what to do on 2 truths and a fib
post 2 things that are true about you... a quirky fact or interesting sumthin sumthin
and then post a fib.... something to throw your reader off...
you don't have to do it in that order....
your fib could be your number one
I thought it would be fun for us to figure out the fibs... 
JUST BE SURE to let us in on the TRUTHS before you end the post

ok let's get this started
if you aren't sure how to join...
directions are in the first comment :)


  1. and if you need to know how to do this....

    here are some links....
    a PDF for Mac
    Power Point

  2. Fun times Farley! Good Luck with your observation on Monday! Really NO SODA and NO COFFEE..... how do you survive????

    :o) V.
    Special Teacher for Special Kids

  3. Proud Mamma here...that WNBA T-shirt was awesome! Sold out in the Fan Shop at the AT&T center, was worn during warm ups by our WNBA team San Antonio Silver Stars and the Detroit Shock team during the Championship Game Series here in SA. Was a very proud moment for me and her Dad. She even let us tag along with her in the limo to the game....yep...limo ride to the game....it was AWESOME. And the WNBA never had a t-shirt contest again. (And the league got off real cheap since the prize was round trip air fare to one of the Championship games....since it was right here in SA, no plane ride for Farley (who WILL NOT fly)...but a pretty cook Limo ride. GREAT MEMORY MY SWEET FARLEY aka DAUGHTER. LOVE YOU!

    1. so funny mom... you are the best commenting on my blog.... look below you got some fans you need to respond to :)

  4. That would be cool Limo ride....so much for proof reading....ugh.

  5. Good luck on your observation!! Hope you feel better soon.

    I Teach. What's Your Super Power?

  6. Sending you good vibes for your observation Monday. And don't worry... you're not alone on the water thing. I prefer water over anything else, but I will drink an unsweetened iced tea if I have to pay for a drink! :)

  7. I really should not be surprised that you won a t-shirt decorating contest for the WNBA, that is pretty darn cool Girlie! I hope, hope, hope that your voice returns- the sick germs are going around my school as well and I was working without a voice for the past two days also. ICK!
    Thank you again for hosting such a fun link party!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  8. Another fun Currently! I need to get up and start moving too...my hubby and I used to walk each evening...need to start that up again. Good luck on your observation and I hope you feel better.

    Kindergarten To The Core

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  10. I hope you feel better soon. I just know you'll be awesome for your observation. Do you get to choose which day or subject? When it's my year I always choose Wednesday and Math. Have a great weekend!
    Sandy @ Elementary Expedition
    PS. I don't know what happened with my icon. One second I had my bloggy button the next it had the wrench icon. Anyway to fix that? Thanks

    1. Sandy... you can link up again and delete the old one with the wrench or you can just leave the wrench... completely up to you

    2. nah, I'll just leave as is. it's the first time I linked up lower than 100! i'm sorta proud of that!

  11. Oh my gosh you are my hero for making it nearly 2 years without soda!! I so need to get in on that action... I usually forget that I am going no soda, and then catch myself halfway through the glass!!!
    PS - I tried to join in the 5th grade block partay fun, but the link is closed :( I was there with "The E-Z Class" but have had some change go on with my blog/url etc, and can't join in any more :(

    Learning to be awesome

    1. Erin... go in a try again... I had to go in a fix a link thingy and they are back open... thanks for letting me know :)

  12. I love yoga as well! I would love to get in on this Friday after school yoga!

    Alexis at Laugh. Eat. Learn.

  13. Hi, this is my first time participating in this linky, and I am so thrilled to be a part of it. Just wanted to say I just ordered a personalized clipboard from Tea and Coffee the day before yesterday, and am so excited to give it to my son's teacher. Thanks for being so creative and sharing your talent.

    Mrs. Rios Teaches Second Grade

  14. Good luck Monday with your observation. I am sure you will do FABULOUS!
    Also, could you add my blog to 1st grade?
    Thank you!!

    I Love First Grade

    1. cecelia .... go in and try to link up now... it was closed for some reason and now I have it fixed!!!

    2. Yea! Thank you so much Farley! You are the BEST!!

  15. Um, Friday Yoga sounds AMAZING! I want to join! :)

  16. You are so creative - I am not surprised that your t-shirt design was a hit! Thank you for the linky and Currently! I tried to link up to the 4th grade blogs, but it says the link is closed :(

    1. go try again... I had to go in a fix something and it is back to taking new links :)

  17. Good for you for your healthy, non-coffee drinking (and soda - wow!). I'm impressed!
    Reading and Writing Redhead

  18. In the time it took me to do my Currently, write a quick blog post and get coffee...it went from 79 to 101! Wow, girlie you are popular. Being popular as an adult is wayyyy better than being popular in high school;)

    I'd rather have an observation on Monday than any day of the week! Lately, I've been having walkthroughs at 2:00 and my kids leave at 2:30 - yuck.


  19. Thanks for all your hard work to keep this a wonderful place to link up. It sucks when people don't follow the rules, but I am glad you have them. I don't hunt for someone's Currently, if it doesn't go right there, I just read the next one. Thanks Farley!

  20. Girl you know you will rock the glitter out of that PDAS evaluation. You better get bonus points for being fabulous! Did you ever instagram or FB the WNBA t-shirt? I can't remember! Happy Weekend! Loved the videos you posted. Hugs to all!

  21. Good luck Monday!! I am obsessed with the Full House guys everywhere! Did you see them on Jimmy Fallon!? Hilarious! :)

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

  22. Enough with that cough thingy! We used to do yoga before school on Wednesdays. Well, everyone else used to do it and I mostly just focused on not peeing my pants as a result of laughing about us doing yoga in our teacher clothes. Love that you took a selfie with the super dude. Congrats on your award!
    Funky First Grade Fun

  23. Thank you for this great linky! I am a brand new blogger and am figuring out my way! This linky has been great! Thank you!

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  25. Thanks for this linky - I've found lots of blogs & met some great teachers through it! Sorry to hear about having to delete...I appreciate your work on this link!

    I added my blog to the Pre-K -K list you have going, a few stated that they've had trouble - mine worked immediately, so you fixed it!! :0)

  26. Hey Farley,

    First: I love participating in the Currently every month -- it's so fun! Thank you for hosting the link-up and for doing all the hard work of designing the template. :)

    Second: I like the rule of 3 -- I really do. Link-ups are for interaction, and it forces me to remember to interact. BUT would it be possible for you to make some sort of announcement about captchas? Those things are going to be the death of me! It seems like every time I go to comment on a blog from the Currently linky party, the blog requires a captcha, and I spend 10 minutes trying to figure out what the stupid thing says, just so I can submit my comment! Frustrating.

    Anyway, happy Groundhog Day! Thanks again for hosting!
    ~Mrs. K. from The Teacher Garden Blog

    1. the captcha thing is such a personal and touchy subject... I totally understand your frustration those things are the reason it takes me forever and a day to comment on Currently posts... I think some bloggers are just too scared to take them down... I haven't had one in forever and RARELY get spam... sorry it slowed you down... I am just too chicken to address it :)

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. Farley~ I linked up for the first time today:) I made a little boo boo. Can you delete my first try? #215
    I had tons of fun writing the post so I will be linking up in the future! So neat to read all the great posts!

    The Schroeder Page

    1. I just deleted it... and I am so glad you liked it!!! hope to see you next month :)

  29. Sorry you have had the crud for so long! Did you get to schedule your observation? Ours has always been "SURPRISE! I'm here to do your PDAS." Nerve-wracking! Rest up today while you watch the Seahawks! XO

    1. i got to schedule it... a lot of my buddies got the dreaded I am coming next week email and with times we could sign up for... none of my friends wanted the Monday one so I volunteered to be the sacrificial lamb... what was I thinking!!!

  30. I linked up last night but I guess I forgot to comment on here! I wish I knew the exact date on my observations. We just are given a two week time frame, but with 11 third grade teachers, we never have any idea when. And I understand the coughing. I have had it for a week, I think I'm finally getting over it!

    Halfway There

  31. Hi Farley...we are SO excited to be linking up for the first time! We have seen them around but....we are late to the party but...we are loving it! Thanks so much for doing this! It is so fun to read everyone post! We certainly hope we did it correctly! :) Thanks so much!!

    Fab 4 :)

  32. I'm so sorry you have been feeling rotten. How was your observation? And...are you feeling any better?

  33. Love how welcome I feel on your blog Farley! It's great that your provided some links for those of us "new to the blogosphere" kids. I {PuFFy} HeArT your blog!

  34. Oh, how I miss my Texas weather. It's COLD in Korea. Yesterday, it was 13 degrees F as I walked to school. Today, it warmed up to 17 degrees F. So I lived on the wild side and didn't wear a hat!
    Gig ‘Em Teacher

  35. I'm so excited to participate in my first "Currently"! Thanks so much! I just had my formal observation. Good luck on yours! :)

    The Elementary Life

  36. Hope you are feeling better! This is my first Currently. Thanks so much for hosting this!
    Little Room Under the Stairs

  37. waaaaah I came so late to the party that no one has updated since my link! :( lol that'll teach me!


~ I {PuFFy} HeArT comments!!!! THANK YOU!!!