5 on a Saturday almost Sunday

It is Saturday
almost Sunday
and I am linking up with

 I have really tried to be more organized
and efficient when it comes to school work...
don't ask me how many times I have "fluffed" the same load of laundry in the dryer
I'm only talking about SCHOOL here peeps...
alrighty... so
I am so proud of myself...
I actually had my plans
my grading
and copying DONE before MONDAY!!!
and it felt good...
I posted a lot of these pics on my Instagram account (farleyfarleyfarley)
and had a ton of questions....
SOOOOOO you don't have to ask any...
I will give you all of the info....

The pen is a double end ZIG pen... my faves to grade with

The dawg is my hubby's but she loves me more... she is a WoNdErFuLLLLLLL snuggler...
and keeps my feet warm.... she is priceless and not available... THO THORRY

my lesson plan template came from the LOVELY

most of my work last week
OK all of my work came from awesome TpT Stores....
(click on their names to head to their stores)

Emily Kissner's awesomeness was our Reading for the week and hOmEwOrK too... I used her Winter and December Reading Homework and Test Prep (I know it is Jan. BUT it worked for us and it will for you too)

Blair Turner helped us get to know MLK better with her Grammar Packet and Busted our Brains with her Fruit Bowl Brain Busters.... OH and not to mention fraction notes with her Interactive Fraction Notebook

(Blair and Emily are with me almost every week)

Stephanie McConnell's writing posters and rubrics are PERFECT for writing..... and if you teach in TEXAS... it is a MUST HAVE!!!

Create Teach Share always has great Interactive Notebook goodies with a double page spread...which I love

Teaching With a Mountain Veiw's  MEGA Fraction Task Cards were and will be used... my kiddos LOVED the set we did this week and I KNOW they will LOVE the set we are doing next week


Joanne Miller's Multi-step Problem Solving Performance Task Notebook.... {puffy} heart LOVE here... you need this 4th grade teachers... YOU NEED IT!!!  I do 2 sets of these a week and my kiddos enjoy these... the I do... We do... You do.... format is not scary to them and gives them confidence

how do you get a grumpy little pre-k boy to take a bath
all you need is the Target DOLLAR SPOT glow bracelets and LOTS and LOTS of bubbles
turn off the lights and
instant SMILES!!!
Clean Boy = Happy Mamma

So he wanted a hamster for Christmas...
um NO...
but we went to look at them this week...
and he ended up wanting a bunny!!!
this bunny was SUPER CUTE and so nice and calm...
BUT still
UM NO!!!

Poetry Friday is back...
I finally had a week where I could have a POETRY FRIDAY
we looked at 2 different poems this week
one that was a free verse and one that was a rhyming
the kids enjoyed each one and we made a flippy file folder
inside we sliced and diced the poems apart and wrote notes and studied vocab

the poems came from a must have book...

this is the Common Core one...
and there is a TEKS one for my fellow Texans...
thanks to my buddy Kenoyer for the heads up on this book!!!

I had a special visitor... BIG C
he happens to be the brother of one of my current kiddos and
AND AND the son of one of my best teacher friends.
You might recognize him from this blog because I was given permission to have him on here
when I taught him in 3rd and 4th...
and I plastered his face all over the place!!!
I am super happy that I have his brother this year!!!
These boys are SUPER SMART and have a special place in my heart...
the little one (Little C)... I met when he was just a few minutes old...
and here is a funny story...
when Big C came into my room I squealed, we hugged, we took selfless, we hugged some more
AND AND AND then he told me he had to go visit his mom...
I asked BIG C... You came to me first?
he said... yep I had to see my favorite teacher!!!!
so sweet

BUT then I remembered.... his mom was his teacher in 5th grade... LOL
heart smiles
LITTLE C looked a little left out so OF COURSE we did a selfie too...

and here is some random schtuff too...
* bub and I made homemade pizza... YUMMY
* I was selected as a Spirit of Judson Educator Award Winner... BLUSH....
* Bub and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE working on his Kiwi Crates every month!!!
This month we were mad scientist!!!
* a PINTEREST thumbs up... I learned how to do a bang braid!!!

alright alright alright...
that does it...
thanks to Doodle Bugs for hosting such a great linky!!!


  1. Such a fun post and girllll are you organized!!!! I love it when I am organized and ahead of the game...which isn't often....because I am unorganized most of the time:/ Gonna have to check out all those products! My prob is there's so much wonderful stuff out there and no time in my day to squeeze it all in with all the other.....I will make it work...lol:) Bub is too cute....please get him a bunny!!!!! I would live on a farm if we could....I can NEVER go into a pet store without coming out with something.....I'm bad:( Happy weekend (3 days?) my friend:) I need to learn the bang braid....I'm attempting growing my hot mess out but keeping the bangs...we'll see....may have a moment and shave it all off!! He He:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  2. I had a dwarf bunny in my classroom long ago and far away. It was litter-box trained and loved to hop between the desks (with the hallway door closed of course) to nibble on the kids shoelaces! They used to feed him small handfuls of oatmeal for a treat. "Snickers" was an impulse buy on my part and required being taken home on the weekends, and kept out of harms way from my dog. Once summer arrived, I found a farm and breeder that adopted him. A hamster would be much more manageable for your son, although a HEDGEHOG would be fun too! Jan Brett has a video clip on her website at www.janbrett.com introducing her pet "Astro" and demonstrating how she draws him for her picture books. You will fall in love! My second graders adored it!
    P.S. The only class pets or mascots I have now are "stuffed animals" or puppets! Lesson learned!

  3. I puffy heart LOVE the bang braid - you did good my friend!
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After

  4. Thank you thank you thank you for sending me to Stephanie McConnell's store...love love her stuff now! So hard to find anything TEKS/STAAR based these days for us Texas gals! Hope you are enjoying your weekend! :)


  5. Thank you so much for the shout out Farley! Your kind words made me feel SO good and I'm so glad your students are enjoying them! I love your bang braid-looks awesome! Thanks for introducing me to The Poetry Friday Anthology book-I can't wait to get my hands on it! What a way to make Fridays even more special! I just scored an AMAZING deal on colored file folders and I love your activity! Have a super week!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  6. hey - great post- love the shirt- those are my favorite shirts right now- where did you get it-

  7. OMG I found how to make a bang braid on youtube myself! I just did that a week ago. Love them!
    Reading and Writing Redhead


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