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a tool against the BEAST

a lot of us have this wonderful STATE TESTING BEAST thing coming
and coming FAST...
like... it is no longer around the corner
it is on MY STREET...
it is closing in on me and my KIDDOS...
you can feel it approaching...
and soon it is going to be on my doorstep and
before it gets inside and breathes down our necks...
I need to have my kiddos prepped and ready

we have been doing a ton of practices, benchmarks, CBAs, old released tests, and this and that and more
most of this is a result of the fear...
fear that you haven't done enough
fear that the BEAST has morphed
fear from you
fear from parents
fear from your boss
fear from your district...
and worst of all FEAR from your kids...
everyone FEARS this BEAST...
our lives as teachers are summed up by the BEAST
if our kids beat the BEAST we know it...
and if our poor babies do NOT defeat the BEAST...
it follows them around for the rest of their education careers...
like a badge of BEAST FAILURE....

and this
this FEAR....can overwhelm you
and your classroom
heck my fear sets in UMMMM right about now...
can you tell???

even those kiddos who always do well might miss a question and cry
and then you have the ones that try and try and try
and try some more... and do their BESTEST... and are ALMOST there...
they are sad too...
and pretty soon everyone wants to cry....
even me

it is the BEAST
I am not a fan of the BEAST
to tell you the truth I would love to have the BEAST BANISHED....
but since people that have never taught run our education system the BEAST will live on...

did I scare ya...

so I saw my FOURTHIES getting a little bogged...
especially when it came to the writing test....
ummmm scary
and I keep telling them... the more we write the better we get....
and that only gets them so far.....
and then I showed them this...

is this not the perfect movie to show???
I consider it a tool of sorts ...
to be used in my favor against the BEAST...

my kiddos and I talked about how they stumbled in their writing
and when the year first started they were those little babies
(some did WHINE about writing... some still do)
and now they are on the path to being GOLD MEDAL WINNERS
we have been practicing to get them a MEDAL...
A medal of concurring the BEAST

they even WROTE about how this movie connects to their writing journey...
I was in one of those teaching moments where I was like
AHHHHHHHHHH unicorns and rainbows and glitter moments...
I mean all I needed was like a WALK THROUGH.... and this would have been PERFECT....
how come they never see a spontanious unicorn rainbow glitter moment...
this is a GREAT WEAPON to use against the BEAST...
with hard work and determination
we all show improvements
and with improvements comes the possibilities of

I hope you can use this tool in your arsenal
GOOD LUCK in your Battle with the BEAST!!!


  1. Oh my goodness - I absolutely LOVE this (now, if I could get through the video without crying - I'm such a baby). Our beast doesn't come out from under the bed until June ... but you can bet I'll remember this. And sidenote - if "they" have never seen a spontaneous unicorn glitter rainbow moment in your classroom, they are either blind ... or haven't actually walked through the door.

    Runde's Room

  2. I'm crying!!! My goodness, thanks for sharing! What a beautiful video and powerful connection! Love love love!!

    Little Miss Primary

  3. Thanks for sharing! We started Iowa Assessments today. One of my students asked why they had to take them. I told her because it was a state requirement...they wanted to know what that meant. I had to hold my tongue and say because people believe this test shows if you've learned everything you're supposed to learn in 3rd grade. (and in my head say, even though you still have 4 months to go!)
    Ugh! A beast it is!

    The Journey of a Beginning Teacher

  4. Oh man I'm crying too!! And I must be tired, because seriously it took me like half the video to figure out what it was about!
    Learning to be awesome

  5. I LOATHE the BEAST! Too much pressure. This video is PERFECT! I can't wait to share with other testing grades at my school. Thank you! xo
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  6. Good thing I don't have on make-up because I am crying! And it took me a while to figure it out too. I totally know what you're going through. I taught 4th grade in Texas for several years and remember the dreaded writing test. However, one of my former students told me that after having me, she loved to write and continued to do it. Put your armor on and fight that BEAST!
    Gig ‘Em Teacher

  7. Just put on my makeup before work and sat down for a sec to check my blogs and I'm crying now! It was so. so. good and I can't wait to share it with all the teachers I know! Thank you Farley!
    BigTime Literacy

  8. Great pep talk. The BEAST is another reason I'm glad to have moved to teaching 2nd grade. We still have our county level BEASTs but nothing like the state level. Props to you and the teachers who give these high stakes assessments. I don't miss that part. :)

  9. This is fabulous - fabulous message, fabulous timing, fabulous idea! Definitely using and sharing as well. Thank you, Farley!
    Hopelessly Devoted to Teaching

  10. Wow-that movie gave me the chills! I love the correlation!!!
    -Lovely Nina

  11. Perfect! Thank you so much for sharing! Going to save it for when we hit the wall.


  12. Thank you for the amazing post and video clip. The BEAST has been exceptionally confusing for the state of Illinois this year. WAH! I can't wait to show the powerful video message to my class and my teaching team.

    Short and Sassy Teacher

  13. Great video clip. I teared up!!! I think all grades/kids could learn a lesson from this video!!! Thanks for sharing!


  14. Puffy hearts and sparkling unicorns just exploded all over the place! Your rock woman! Thanks for sharing the idea and may we all gain perspective while it lasts. :)

  15. What a great metaphor for how "the beast" really effects all of us! Love this video! Can't wait to share with my class and coworkers.

  16. Tears! LOVE This viideo! I will be using it with my kids this week! Thanks for sharing!


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