Made It Freebie

Wow it has been a little bit...
BUT I am so excited to join my bloggy friend for her fun fun fun....

if you have NEVER EVER seen this linky party
OK really...
who hasn't seen this LINKY...
it is like the bestest... funnest...craftiest linky in the blogosphere
go check it out...
but only go after you see my craftiness
ok here it is...

Here is what the TAG looks like up close and in yo face...
I have my name on it just in case my little darlings forget who their fave teacher is...
they wouldn't do that... I remind them daily I am their favorite...LOL
I have 4 different colors 
so I know which umbrella is missing...
all of my umbrellas are black
but the tags are different colors so then I know which one is MISSING....
I have added these tags to my TPT store....

they do NOT have my name on them....
and are in Power Point so you can add your own name...
by simply adding a text box to the slide :)
easy peasy
click on the tags above to head to my store... hope you can use them :)

Thanks TARA for hosting such a fun linky!!!

 now you can go and look at all the fun links over at Tara's fab blog party!!!


  1. What a sweet idea! I love it & may grab one. Love your cutie model.

  2. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing the freebie! I'm glad to see your little one up and smiling again!!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  3. Totally heading over and getting these later! It rains ALL the time in my city. My problem wont be the kids returning them, it will be me remembering to bring them back haha!
    Learning to be awesome

  4. I do the same thing, except no super duper cute tag on my umbrella, so gonna have to grab yours. Thanks!!

    Teaching Powered by Caffeine

  5. I never would have thought of this! Awesome idea!

    The Classroom Game Nook Blog

  6. What What?!?!? Farley came by!!! Woop woop!!! Yay and such a cute idea:) LOVE IT:) Drew is s doll doing all the modeling for ya:) Adorbs!!!! Thanks for linking up my fab friend:)) <3 ya!!!

    4th Grade Frolics

  7. Absolutely adorable! The little guy and the umbrella idea :)
    On the Trail of Learning

  8. So cute, so crafty, and so practical!

  9. I love this idea! Thank you for sharing!


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