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2 part post... first it is the winner of the School Outfitters
and then I am linking up with my blogging buddy Miss Nelson 

I really thought about making you wait til the end to find out the winner 
BUT I am not that mean...
OK well sometimes I am
BUT not today!!!
so here ya go....

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Alysa I will email you soon with your winning details :)


 if you follow me on Instagram some of these you have seen...
if you want to follow me on IG I can be found under farleyfarleyfarley

found these and can't wait to use them with my fab vocab this year...
they are so fun and the words are perfect to incorporate into writing

this bad boy is going to be sooooo much fun during our professional development days
do I dare live by the pen... 

OK my fam is OBSESSED!!!
whenever we make a short trip to New Braunfels
we have to stop at 2Tarts Bakery...
they have the cutest cookies and all
and I mean
ALL of the other goodies are YUMMY too

Thursday was a surprise... Bub and I went to my parents house to hang out and they invited us to the WNBA basketball game...
It was kid day and so there was all kinds of schtuff geared towards rowdy rugrats...
bub had a great time

After the game my mom and a few other breast cancer survivors were invited to help paint a court PINK...
for the upcoming breast cancer awareness game
Bub got to help his Mia...
It was bitter sweet to have her paint this court...
I kinda wish she never had the qualifications to even be considered to paint it... know what I mean
BUT my mom proudly has battle scars from that part of her life and gosh darn it... PAINT AWAY MOM PAINT AWAY

went to this yesterday.... it was a great test of my OCD germ phobia
and let's just say I almost ran out of my hanitizer... (are my kids the only ones that say it like this?)

got some learning in there too... these are silhouettes of the smallest and tallest humans

in the ambulance working on his dad-oh... Hubs was a good sport until Bub
decided to test his reflexes... HA HA
of course we got our geek on in the space section

and my future DR... was practicing on a giant...
OPERATION... pretty cool

and this was the last thing we did...
Bub stood on a scale and typed in some other info about himself and this thing
calculates his bone mass, fat, blood, muscle. and organ weight and then displays them in those tubes...
the blue one was the most... it was organ mass
and of course my tiny hiney kiddo... had the smallest amount in the yellow (fat)
it looks like a lot... BUT there is hardly any in there... PROMISE... it is stained
and it is stained way to the top... HMMM any inferences here???
if you are wondering who that other kid is... we are too 

sooooo none of these are school related... well  maybe the flashcards and pen were BUT not really *wink*
well because I can't get into my room WHAAAAAA 
my room was last to be cleaned and waxed
and I haven't really been doing much school stuff... denial maybe!!!

I am going to start on a stool make over
and a back to school goodie
and a meet the teacher goodie
BUT that is for Monday...