nature explorer, hole punch heaven, and two thumbs up

I want to share something with y'all
I know most of you guys are familiar with Birchbox...
and then there is Ipsy too...
those are good for you

and there is Barkbox
which is good for your dogs

BUT have you heard of Kiwi Crate
it is for your kids!!!
I saw them on facebook
and immediately was drooling over their cuteness...

To tell you a little about Kiwi Crate... it is a monthly subscription service, targeted at kids ages 3-7. They deliver a box to your child each month that’s designed around a certain theme (think Dinosaurs, Garden, Superheroes, Space.) In each box are 2-3 carefully designed and kid-tested projects, which cover a range of developmental areas and subjects, including art, science, and imaginative play. All the materials and inspiration to encourage creativity and curiosity are included – you just supply the kid!

I started thinking about it...
would he like it?
should I get it?
all of this was RIGHT before this....
so I decided I would wait....
wait til we got back...
on my way to the Happiest Place on Earth...
I got an email
from the Kiwi Crate Peeps...
and they wanted to send me a free box for BUB...
for us to try out...

I might have shouted a little and
I might have scared my LUVERLY hubs while he was driving... to Florida
maybe *wink*
I mean come ON
they contacted me and I was just drooling over their crates and
WHAT was going on... it was meant to be
so of course I said YES

and guess what was delivered THE DAY we got home from our vaycay....
Kiwi Crates is doing a super cool Summer Discovery Pack
and they sent Drew the July Crate....

 do you see that smile???
he had no idea what it was
BUT he knew it was a super cool package JUST FOR HIM!!
plus he wouldn't stop moving which makes this pic a little blurry
and he looks like he just woke up... not true he is super excited... wellllllll he could be tired
we did just come in from the Happiest Place on Earth but mostly he is wiggling from JOY

 we opened it up and it immediately tells you the theme and what crafts you will be able to make...
Bub was soooo excited to get started...
 next was all of this yumminess.......
this thing is packed full of all kinds of schtuff
 someone I will not name directly BUB was super quick to take all of the goodies out...
I mean come on look at that blurrrrrrr
 after getting all of the schtuff back from BUB we laid it all out to see what we had...

 close ups...
 I like ok LOVE how they give you a chart about how much involvement is needed from the grownup... and how messy it is going to be...NICE
 more close-ups... books and directions
 the pipe cleaner came straight BUT someone I won't mention... BUB... curled it
 inside the box is this... super cute and this may have been used as Indiana Jones and Tonto's new home...
you know they go together....
OK Disney was out of Lone Rangers so he got a Tonto... and then later in the vaycay he got a IJ
and well now they are besties and they live here.... HA!!!
imaginative play with just the crate... ahhhhh YEAH!!!
 more close-ups
 when we decided what we wanted to do first...
I loved how it had an illustration so BUB could get the supplies

 and the  directions have illustrations too... made it easy to follow
 so we got started.... he wanted to do the scavenger hunt box first...
so we started following the directions... all the materials are provided... so it is super easy to just open it up and go....
 applying the velcro dot was super easy for BUB
 there was even a pack of large crayons provided so BUB could color his box and his stickers

 after finishing the decorating we had to decide what type of scavenger hunt we wanted to go on...
we had cards that we could choose from...these went to the bottom of the box

 he decided on the nature one and then we added the dividers and WHA LAAAA
it was done....
he might have LOVED his box A LOT!!!

NEXT... the lantern....

 the Kiwi Crate came with a star hole punch that was super easy for BUB to use...
he loved doing this part....
I think I was more excited about the kid friendly hole punch
I mean come on... a STAR SHAPED hole punch + a teacher = huge happiness points
 then we had to attach the vellum to the provided lantern ...
again super easy for BUB to attach
 can you believe it even came with a little battery powered candle light so it lights UP
all together now....
so cute!!!!
he LOVES this and it goes to bed with him every night!!!
the crate came with literature too... all about stars and star gazing.... OH MY GOSH...
he loves space and what not so this was right up his alley

 and that was NOT all....
the crate came with a deck of cards too...
they are super kid friendly... colors NOT suits and little critters on each card for counting...

 OVERALL... I am pretty sure this was a 2 thumbs up from my BUB and another 2 thumbs up from me!!!!

like I said earlier....
I was sent a free box from Kiwi Crate
BUT after all the FUN, SMILES, and MOMMY AND BUB TIME....
BUB and I had....
ahhhhh memories
I just ordered BUB a 6 month subscription....
I was SUPER SUPER impressed with Kiwi Crate and I can't wait for BUB to get his next box!!!
If you are interested in checking out Kiwi Crate...

and don't forget to check out their really cool SUMMER DISCOVERY PACKs...
the SDP tab will be at the top of the main page  surrounded by dots :)
I hear it is on sale.... hurry before it is too late...

Disclaimer: I received the Kiwi Crate mentioned in this post from Kiwi Crate in order to facilitate my review. The items featured in this giveaway are also provided by Kiwi Crate.  Opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own. I have not been compensated for this post in any other way.


  1. So fun! I don't have any kids and I still want to order.
    Glad you had a fun time in Disney.

  2. I just ordered a Kiwi Crate for my son too (he's 5). We finally got into it today and HE LOVES IT - it was an experimenting with water set. I wasn't sure if it was going to be something that we were going to keep, but it was just so cool that I can't wait for our next one!

    We just booked our Disney trip for January and we're so excited. My neighbor teacher is a Vacation Club member and she's letting us stay with her family. Disney is just the best!

    Life In Middle School

  3. How stinking cute is that!!??!?!? I'm going to have to remember this thing... Since my little one is only 2 .... It would be something great for next summer!! :)

  4. For Christmas I ordered my daughter Kiwi Crate, and we have enjoyed them. The cards came in very handy when we went on our train trip.

  5. This looks FUN! I think Sherms needs bark box someday soon!

  6. I have Birchbox and then got a six month subscription for all my bridesmaids as a gift to them to say thanks! Then, because I LOVED getting non-bills in the mail (who doesn't), I started looking into the different subscription boxes for "nieces and nephews" birthdays and found Kiwi Crate... LOVED! Have you also seen Little Passports? I came across them in my search and I think I might get it for my class this year! Same concept and it comes in a cute suitcase while you travel the world or United States every month! Ok, my name is Sabra and I have a subscription box problem... HAHA! Glad your little man loved it!

    Teaching with a Touch of Twang

  7. That looks like so much fun! I can't wait to have my own kids and play with them all day!

    Teaching Maths with Meaning

  8. I'm with Sabra- I'm constantly looking for niece and nephew gifts and this is a great idea! Plus I've never seen a star shaped hole punch. Super cool.

    Everyone deServes to Learn

  9. This is awesome! I'm definitely keeping this in mind for a Christmas gift for my 5 year old son. Any suggestions for subscription boxes for my 8 year and 11 year old daughters?

  10. I just ordered this for my six year old boy! Looks awesome! Do you know of other boxes that are geared toward 9 year old girls who enjoy crafts? Thx again!

  11. I'm with Jennie- putting this on my "what to buy the nephews for XMAS" list
    Rowdy in First Grade

  12. Love the blog! Thank you for your enthusiasm and your true to self point of you!


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