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Disney, Space Mountain, and 2 toodles

sorry I have been MIA...
but I have a good excuse...

hubs got me a bass fishing excursion... LOVE HIM

we finished our trip with a few days in The Sipp...visiting my Gma and Aunt... so much fun
so as you can see we had a very very busy last few weeks
I seriously took over 800 pics
but didn't think you wanted to see ALL of them so these are a few of my faves...
and I am now
RECOVERING from all the fun...
hubs likes to call it
DISNEY depression
we had such a GRAND time and can't wait to go back again!!!
I promise I will get back to the blog in a few...
I have some things I have been working on BUT 1st I have a SPACE MOUNTAIN load of laundry to finish...
and SIGH put away
I hate putting laundry away
very much *pout*
just wanted to do a super quick update
and now back to reality....
see you in a few days

oh one more thing....
bub had a photoshoot while we were in The Sipp...
here are some pics of that...
I couldn't go without showing you these :)

toodles again


  1. Very cute! I so very much LOVE Disney and am dying to go back soon. I am trying to talk the hubs into spring break! :)

  2. Love the pics of your son! They are fabulous! Disney is sooooo much fun! Such a great place to visit!


    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  3. We went to Disney this summer too! It's definitely the happiest place on Earth...but also definitely not for wimps-you need stamina and strategy! Thanks for sharing your darling pictures.

  4. Looks like you had a great time! Love Disney...you are never too old. Great shots of your little guy!


  5. How fun! I love the pictures of your little guy--the dark hair and light shirt look adorable : ) I hope the rest of your summer is awesome...
    Kids Math Teacher

  6. I'm loving that cutie-patootie in a lobster shirt! Precious! Glad you were able to enjoy Disney and create some lasting memories as a family!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  7. Your son is so adorable! I think my absolute favorite photo is the EPCOT photo...he just looks like he belongs there;) Every kid should get to experience that magic while they are still a kid! so glad you and your hubby got to enjoy those magical smiles & memories;) have fun with all tha t laundry (the only bad part about vacations...)

  8. Those pics of your son are precious! Such a cutie patootie :) I STILL haven't gotten to go to Disney, but I'll get there eventually. Wishing you quick laundry loads where the washer and dryer actually finish at the same time!!!

  9. Looks like you've had yourself some FUN!! Your little one is adorable! :)

    Mrs. Beattie's Classroom

  10. Those pics of your little one are priceless. So adorable! And I love Disney too - but I need a vacation to recover from my vacation. So exhausting!

  11. Farley I absolutely LOVE your pictures! It looks like you all had an amazing time! I love the outfits too...so cute! Your son is absolutely the cutest! Thanks for sharing your trips and pictures! :o)

    A is for Apple B is for Blog

  12. How sweet is that boy! :) Looks like you had a great time. I can't wait to get back to Disney. I haven't been since I was 8 and that was a looooong time ago! Glad you had fun!

    Colleen Patton
    Mrs. Patton’s Patch

  13. Adorable! ALL of the pics are gorgeous! I hated leaving Disney in 2009...I can't wait until we can get back there! I loved every moment. It's totally true..."Disney Depression".
    I follow you on Instagram too, so I was able to keep up with your doings. I'm loving the Instagram Invasion...Gives a personal look into everyone's lives.
    Enjoy your laundry...BLEH.

  14. Love Disney World......I think it is my favorite vacation. Your pictures are absolutely precious!

    Mrs. Pauley’s Kindergarten

  15. And here I thought I was the only teacher who's obsessed with Disney! Your trip looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

  16. We enjoyed Disney this summer too with three little ladies! It was SO.MUCH.FUN!!!! Can't wait to go back!
    Thanks for the pics so I could go back down memory lane. :)

  17. Those pictures are adorable! Looks like you had so much fun!! :)


  18. Glad you had fun... Love the pictures. I especially love the ones in Mississippi.

  19. Farley! Your son is adorable!! The photos are beautiful. Happy to hear about all your Disney fun - we love it there!!

    Science for Kids Blog

  20. It looks like you had a fabulous vacation! Thanks for sharing some memories with us!!

  21. You were over in my neck of the woods! Glad you had so much fun at Disney! It really never gets old and always feels magical! Love the pictures of your handsome little fellow! What a great kid to pose for you! Keep on relaxing and have a fabulous summer!
    Rambling About Reading

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  23. Love- Love - Love your pictures as well as Disney - went there last summer and got engaged right in front of the castle!! I now do digital scrapbooking, so I am sitting at my computer attempting to complete my Disney project - very difficult with so many photos (or families motto....we never met a photopass person we didn't like ). Glad you enjoyed your trip

  24. Bubs is seriously adorable, and in addition to the awesome pics taken for the photo shoot, I LOVE the one with Epcot Center in the background!

  25. Love the pictures. What a beautiful family!

  26. Farley,

    The pics of your son are ADORABLE! Especially love the one at Epcot!

    Confessions of a Teaching Junkie

  27. I love these pictures of FUN!! Coming back must be a downer:( I have never been to Disney but we are planning a trip for February!! I am a little overwhelmed with the planning and not knowing what to expect.
    Bubs is just the cutest boy!!
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  28. Oh my goodness...he is precious and SO photogenic! We are headed to Orlando in a few weeks. Can't wait!!!

    Fluent in Fourth


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