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Friday Night Review, No Squirrels, and Fudgecicles

I was soooo soooooo excited to be asked to look at some Lakeshore products
I really couldn't control myself ... it was so AWESOME
they sent me the Solar System Match Ups
found HERE

I was excited to open these and play around
and to be honest so was Bub!!!

this is what the box looks like... it says for 7+ BUT my Bub could still use some parts of it

BUB pulled all the pieces apart and wanted me to tell him all the pieces that had the vocab word(s)

the parts with the definition were too hard for him BUT I did read it to him and he remembered... Uranus rotates on its side and Saturn has the biggest rings and Pluto is a dwarf planet... the definition portion of the Match Ups is perfect for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders... they are simple,  to the point, and give just enough facts

I really LOVE how this is self checking... the notches are unique to each Match Up set... which makes it perfect for a center activity

you can even send this activity home with your kiddos that are struggling with The Solar System... it would be a REQUIRED Family Game Night... I have done something like this in the past and the kiddo doesn't even realize you gave them HOMEWORK...

Bub was able to identify the words with the pics and then I read the definition to him and he could match it up... this means you can partner up heterogeneously and both partners feel successful 

just wanted to give you another pic of how it is self checking... each notch matches up to its correct partner perfectly

Bub got mad when I purposely put Venus on the wrong planet... but I wanted to reiterate how it will not MATCH UP

all matched up and ready to put away... REALLY Bub pulled these back out and played with them for a good 30 minutes
 In my HONEST opinion
I really do like these Match Ups

My TOP 3 Reasons are:
ONE- they are self checking which makes it a GREAT independent and /or center activity
TWO- the definitions are short and sweet and TO THE POINT... there is not any EXTRA FLUFF it gives the important facts and I like that
THREE- its components make it a great game for all levels... my 3 year old LOVED it and I know my 4th graders would LOVE it too

Some other ways you could use these...
* speed game... shuffle all of the pieces and have the kids (individual or team) race to complete all of the Match Ups
* Planet Up... give every kid a Match Up piece and then let them partner up with their other 2 pieces... you could time them on this one too... who matched up first.. how long did it take the class to match up
* it could be used as an assessment for lower kids... a modification of sorts... depending on their level of course

As you can tell I really did LOVE this Solar System Match Up!!!
If you are interested please click HERE

they have several other Match Ups too
like Animal, Weather, Rocks & Minerals, Plants, Matter, Insects & Spiders, and Simple Machines

HOLY COW I want them all...
seriously we go OVER all of this stuff!!!!!

OK that about wraps it up...
and hey look I didn't have a single Squirrel moment... YAY Farley!!!

head on over to their FB page... right here.... and tell them FARLEY sent you!!!

OK it wouldn't be a Farley post without a pic of Bub
and YES he wrote this... I told you he is LOVING this Match-Up
 and I am attempting a video of his Solar System obsession
it is hilarious...
he says EARF... not EarTH like 10 times because he dropped a card on the floor
and well you will see
and hurry before your fudgesicle melts...you'll see

 alrighty that about wraps it up