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last night I was working on something and then
I looked at the date and it said JULY 1
Oh My House Fly...
I hadn't even thought of what I was going to do for the CURRENTLY this month...
holy canoli

thanks goodness I had made these freebies... for you

 Yeppers... as I was packing my classroom for the summer... I looked at my Pledge Poster and thought...
OOOH that is UGLY!!!
and then I thought I can do that...
so I did...
and they are up for grabs in my TpT Store FO FREE
yeppers FO FREE
(click on any PLEDGE pics to go grab yours)
I have them saved in PNG and PDF so you can take them to your fave print store and have them printed as big as you need

OK so thank goodness I had these cutesy digiscraps and so BRING IT ON....


You know what it is
YAY that is a SOUND I {PUFFY} heart LOVE...
we need all the rain we can get... my grass needs it
well what grass is still living...
bless my grass blades' nuclei
(they don't have hearts so I have to bless their nuclei RIGHT?)

we are only allowed to water on Thursdays and ONLY during special times...

OK that jeep I mentioned in another post...
you know the Mango Tango ONE?
I am still drooling over it...
I can't get it out of my HEAD
it just creeps back in there every chance it gets...
so hubs said we can go look at it again BUT next weekend
I think he is hoping it is GONE
and I am dreaming I get to drive off the lot in this...

my mom reads this so
yes MOM I know my garage is full of JUNK great finds too much sctuff to fit a BEAUTY like this...
BUT I will clean my garage out and have the GARAGE SALE of the century if this BAD BOY
came home with me
and side note...
I am not even sure it would fit inside the garage LOL...
might be too lifted
BUT OH my achy breaky heart LOVES it
I LOVE my new washer soooo much I am already wanting the matching dryer...
I got the LG super big capacity 4.7 BABY... TOP LOADING washer with WAVE action

I am loving it... got it at Home Depot ONLINE and got a GREAT DEAL!!!
and NO I am not being paid to advertise for LG or HOME DEPOT
BUT if an LG or HOME DEPOT person is reading this...
I WOULD LOVE YOU FOREVER AND EVER AMEN if you sent me the matching DRYER!!!
hubs said
no need to buy the matching dryer when our dryer works just fine
little does he know that I have issues with things matching
ISSUES... I tell you
so my only hopes is a LG or HOME DEPOT person sees this and sends me a NEW DRYER
(yeah right)
or I just have to wait

?????????????????????????????? last question RULES????????????????????????
ok this gets me everytime
and if you stalk the CURRENTLY links like I do you will notice too
some folks don't read the RULES...
i think they just see I have the CURRENTLY up and going and they just link up
so as you know I don't call them out
I just sit back and snicker a little because they call themselves out... right (((giggling)))
so here are the RULES for the last question....
#1 should be your ALL TIME FAVORITEST BOOK to read aloud ... It is THE ONE
#2 is your goto professional book

I thought this would give us a good menagerie of books and we can start making a wishlist for next year.

mine are...

are these pics tiny enough... still working on this ... SORRY BUT YOU GET THE IDEA RIGHT?

Edward Tulane is my ABSOLUTE-lee posiTOOT-lee FAVORITEST
read aloud...
each adventure he travels on is mesmerizing and heart wrenching...
Edward steals your HEART and he can't even TALK!!!

 if you read my blog 
then you know I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jeff Anderson
I have seen him present...
and I have ALL of his books
I am currently reading 10 things every writer should know 
BUT last year my GO TO book was
Everyday Editing...
so easy to read and TONS of ideas
this book is good for ALL grades
changed my teaching style completely 
and made me a better teacher FO REALZ

OK now I will ZIP IT and hand it over to you... 
here it is!!!

and thanks so so so so so so so so so so so so so so  MUCH for linking up...
it lights up my phone and my heart...
I LOVE READING all and I mean ALL
of your CURRENTLY posts
and I do READ THEM ALL!!!!
thanks again for joining me and
now let's ROLL
I leave the CURRENTLY up for the WHOLE MONTH so you have the WHOLE month to link up!!!

and if you need a great HOW TO
on making your own CURRENTLY and linking up head over to my friend Jen's place :)

and here is the LINKY ... please don't just link up... I am trying something new...
I would LOVE for you to look at the 2 in front of your link and then come back and look at the one behind yours...  that is 3 in all and I love the #3 ... let's call this the RULE of THREE
PLEASE comment on these 3... that way EVERYBODY gets a comment or two... I saw this on another blog and I think it is a great way for EVERYONE to get appreciated!!!
of course you can comment on as many as you want BUT if you link up please at least follow the RULE of THREE