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60 pounds of love, BESTIE, & chippy not dirty

Tara over at 4th Grade Frolics has a FAB linky and I can't wait to join!!!!
I have lots of BIG projects brewing but
I have been BUSY BUSY BUSY....
don't believe me... check this out...

I just finished a 3 week Writing Workshop called ABYDOS
it was great I even submitted one of my papers for publishing...
we had a bunch of homework every night
i felt like I was back in college...
I have tons of ideas swirling in my head and I can't wait to share some of those with you :)
but later

I have been walking most evenings too...
here take a look

YES you are seeing that correctly...
Bub is in the seat and Merriweather is hanging out of the storage section underneath
we get some cray cray looks BUT I don't care!!!
I get a really good walk in because I am pushing about 60 pounds of LOVE
I keep her leash on just in case
we do  walk by some well traveled roads so SAFETY first :)

I also got my hair done...
see here
not sure you can really see my haircut but I do love this pic... LOL

another thing is I had a DATE with hubs
see here...

we went out with a few friends and had a blast
I love spending time with hubs... he is after all my BESTIE
here is a not so good pic but here is one of my former 3rd graders!!!

OK and even though I was completely BUSY BUSY BUSY
I had to join Tara's Linky!!!!


so here is one thing I worked on....
I wanted to make a banner for back to school so I hopped on my laptop and type type type...click click click and wha LAA I have it... I cut out all the pieces and laminated them all and cut them out again...

to add the circle letters to the pennants I used tape pillows... that way I could rearrange them if needed and it made them pop off the pennant slightly

this is kinda hard to see BUT to make sure the circles were aligned and not wonky... I attached one circle letter and then would put the next pennant on top and then attach the circle letter... that way all the circle letters would be in the same place

attaching the circle letter

once all circle letters are attached I punched holes in the top corners and picked a pretty ribbon to lace through

here it is on my CHIPPY not DIRTY hutch

here is another one

and another one
if you like this
don't fret... I have it in my store...
it is normally priced $2.50
but for one week I will have it for $1.25
and just because I feel SUPER guilty when I post something for sale
I made you a freebie...
this is very much like the one I made last year BUT since my theme is mustache I just had to make a new one...          HOPE YOU LIKE IT
click on the pic and it should take you to my store where you can get it fo FREE!!!

ok there you have it...
hope you like my little creations and I hope you go and check out all of creations that have linked up with Tara