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ETA review, RAK, & give away

I love getting packages in the mail...
and I was SUPER excited when 
ETA contacted me and wanted to send me this fabulousness...

 they sent me the starter kit and let me tell you I was EXCITED!!!
I pulled out one of the many books included in the kit
and started playing...
it took me a little while to get use to it... BUT
then I remembered they also told me to watch this video...
once I did I was good to go...
ha ha ha
and this Getting Started Page helped too LOL

 so I got my tile board and work page ready

I lined up my tiles in order at the top of the Versa Tiles board
you can see that there are letters at the bottom of the board... once you answer a question you will move your number tile on top of the corresponding letter space...
might sound confusing BUT
once you get the hang of it... it is SUPER EASY and fun

 see where it says answer box... that is how you know where to place your number tile
 so it just so happened that the answer to number one was 111.5 which is A
so I placed my number one tile on A
 you keep going... number two was answer F so I moved it to F
 when I was ALL done it looked like this... then here is the really FUN part
 close the tile board and flip it over to the back

when you open it back up there is a pattern... 
and this is what mine looked like...
see how under the the answer box (in the workbook) there is a small rectangle in the bottom left corner...
well that is where you compare your pattern with the correct pattern
and my patten DOESN'T match... 
that's right I got the wrong answers on 2 of them... 
do you see that?
did I do that on purpose?
did Bub come in and play with the tiles?
or did I really miss it?
who knows I will never tell
maybe I did it for the sake of showing how it is a self checker....

Versa Tiles has several books to choose from 
and all of them are GREAT 
here they are...

ok that is my quick review for Versa Tiles

let's SUM this up...
1- I found it to be brain stretching... I loved how I had to use different thinking  to make sure the answers matched the tiles which went in a specific place... really made me stop and think
2- even though AT FIRST I was a little stumped at how to do it... after reading the REALLY EASY directions it became really easy... WATCH THE VIDEO and READ the DIRECTIONS
3- I like the self checking aspect...  makes this an EXCELLENT center OR I am finished now what activity... I LIKE THAT
4- can be easily differentiated by using the scope and sequence included
5- it is more like a puzzle/game and it makes learning FUN

so if you are interested in more information click 
HERE to head on over to their web page

thanks ETA (Versa Tiles) for trusting me with this review... it was FUN and I can't wait to use these in my classroom!!!

the FAB peeps from ETA are offering one of my followers a kit just like mine
we can be twinkies... COOL HUH?
so here is what you have to do...
super EASY
NUMBER ONE you need to like ETA on facebook AND tell them FARLEY SENT YOU and THANK them for the give away... (it is always polite to say thanks)

NUMBER 2, 3, AND 4

so here is what I did... I randomly picked 3 (my favorite number) blogs from my July Currently... and you have to make sure you go and follow them!!! and tell them I sent you... (consider this a NOT SO random act of kindness... random on my part but since I am making you do it... I guess it is not so random for you BUT imagine their day when I HOPE a bunch of you go and light up their inbox with followers and comments... brings me SMILES and I hope it does for you too)

this is very random but leave me a link in my comments section of something really cool to do with my theme mustaches.. I am doing a mustache theme in my room  HOLLA... it can be anything... TPT product... decorations... anything... no duck tape though... I have that :)

here is Rafflecopter and the contest will end in 3 days on the 3rd... can you tell I love 3

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