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Maria, new kid, & Kim

when Maria started this linky party I just knew I had to revisit my 
"new student" lesson
Maria is from...
she is also the author of some wonderful childrens books like...


well she also brings you....

 once a month she asks how you teach a particular character trait in your class and to link up your idea on her blog....
this month the topic is empathy
EMPATHY is a super tricky hard to teach
kids have to understand the feelings of others and understand it and react accordingly... 
when I saw this topic I immediately knew I had to go back into the depths of my archives and pull out
my go to lesson.....

2nd verse same as the first... a little bit louder and a little rehearsed
(first blogged about on Nov 11th)
I drew up this new kid and hung him on my easel.

I told the kids he was a new student and told them to start talking to him.
NOW you know I LOVE LOVE my class
BUT even they eventually got into making insults...
every insult resulted in a crumple
the insults kept coming and soon our new kid was a wadded up ball
I was in shock because I didn't think my
MY class was capable of throwing out that many insults...
if this was a test they would get As
even my SWEETEST tiniest quietest little girl was
like a gangsta
throwing out lashes and laughing with every wrinkle

after our New Kid had been 
beat up by my crazy out of their minds mob
I brought up how they would feel if this was them.
Smiles turned upside down.
I redirected them to fix this problem and being the geniuses that they are
they began giving new kid compliments...
we unwadded (is that a word)
and with every nice comment tried to smooth him out....
what we discovered was no matter how nice our words were
our new kid still showed the wrinkles of our insults and harsh words
my former tiny gangsta was VERY UPSET that she had caused a wrinkle
and in the real WORLD she would NEVER do this BUT she was still  VERY UPSET 
about wrinkling our New Kid

was the lesson learned
new kid now hangs in our room to remind us about wrinkling
I have even heard them tell one another
"That Wrinkled Me"
they REALLY got it and we use this lesson A LOT in our classroom!!!
I have even been told that a comment I made might have caused a wrinkle...
I reevaluated what I said and I could see how it might have been a wrinkle...
Wrinkles are not allowed anymore...
I really have to be careful because
I know many of you might be surprised to hear this
BUT I am very sarcastic...
but I too am more aware of how I say things
I suggest ALL of you do this lesson...

thank so much to Maria for this great opportunity to share my "new kid" lesson again
and hopefully a few of you can go link up too!!!

AND I wanted to give a HUGE shout out to Kim over at...
joyin6th Homepage 

she sent me the NICEST get well gift!!!
thanks so much KIM... you are THO SWEET!!! you made my weekend!!!
THANKS and I got 14 Cows :)