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bed rest, workshop, & 14 cows

I'm back (cough cough)
and boy am I glad!!!
This all started 3 weeks ago when bub got a couple of viruses
and he shared them with me!!!
2 weeks ago
I had fever and a cough
went to the dr
it is a virus let it run its course (cough cough)
use your inhaler, get some over the counter cough med, Tylenol to break fever, and use the neti pot
then 3 days later I was coughing more and more and not able to sleep (cough cough)
back to the dr still with fever
bronchitis... strict bed rest for 2 days
on antibiotics, cough syrup with codeine (knocks me out ZZZZZZ), and Tylenol for fever oh and continue to use the neti pot
I missed both days of our state testing
you know I was sick if I missed STATE TESTING
thank God for great friends and coworkers that covered for me
then feeling better I returned to school on Thursday
half day only
scratchy throat and sore tongue
figured it was because of my excessive cough drop sucking
woke up yesterday
can't talk... super sore throat
go to dr AGAIN
and I won't go into details but I have a wonderful new problem
it is a result of me not sucking my inhaler in deep enough
BUT all in all besides the new meds that make me want to gag and give me a yucky tummy I am
feeling 80% better!!!
YAY me (cough cough)
I only cough like once an hour now
haven't had fever for awhile
and today I went to a workshop!!!
I felt good!!!
plus I am now just a stomach flu away from my goal wt.
not really but I have lost like 15 pounds

the workshop I wanted to share with you
 was very informative and was a JOY
it was given by Kay Price-Hawkins

she is so sweet!!!

not too shabby looking considering all the yuck I have been fighting
and sorry for the fuzzy pics
I got permission to share this pic and she TOLD me to share her website
GURL.... it has some great resources for writing
If you are unaware of Miss Kay Price-Hawkins
she is a DIAMOND Level Certification Presenter for New Jersey Writing...
now known as Abydos Learning
today's workshop was half a day BUT was packed full of useful info

this is what we made today
so gonna make this next year

inside you find this
oh and Merriweather wanted in on the pic

the lapbook is attached to the manilla envelope
to store all your examples... GENIUS

inside the lapbook

more looky lou inside

the name of the work-shop just in case you wanted to know

all of the worksheets needed to create this are found on her web page
along with TONS MORE
click HERE to head on over to her site
if you are interested in what ALL is in the lapbook you are going to have to wait...
I will be making this next year with my kiddos and I will BLOG BLOG BLOG about it then
so you will have to hold your horses :)

as you can tell the workshop focused on expository
I found a new book I want

it is a great literary picture book that beautifully tells the story of the 14 Cows
it is a perfect book for a paired reading with an expository excerpt about the same thing
click on the pic to go check out the book

well I think that is about it
I told hubs I wouldn't be on too long
and now I am working on being on here almost an hour
not my fault blogger takes a day and a minute to download pics

anyways I am working on an end of the year survey for your parents to fill out
but right now I need to go take more meds... imagine that