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BUT, Pinterest, and do you?

I am sure you are like meor maybe you are not

I check MY Oh Boy pinterest board almost daily

I have noticed a few of my pins
have been from posts of long ago
looooooong ago
the pins were from when I put my freebies on scribd
well sometimes that Scribd can be well
persnickety and so these pinners think
that I have bad links...
bad links
and these pinners say...
"good stuff BUT BAD LINKS"
or "good blog BUT I am NOT subscribing to get a freebie"

you don't have to subscribe to me to get a freebie
I am a freebie for all kinda blog
it is Scribd being wonky
WoNkY I tell YA!!!

and to be honest
people I have enough butt on my own
I don't need more BUTs
and these pinners  think I don't read their comments
I do (dramatic wipe of a tear)
and beware
because I have been known to write back

like when someone said
"OK blog BUT (there is more BUT for ya) has tons of GREAT links for the younger grade blogs"
I am just OK?
oh my word
I wrote back and said
"glad you could find TONS of great links on my OK blog... I think since there are TONS of great ones that should upgrade me to at least a GOOD blog???  right???"

OK i didn't write that
BUT i wanted to

I know I KNOW
yes I am sensitive
yes I have feelings
yes I have a big butt
yes I need a filter
yes I still have a toddler being a snot factory with a fever...bless his heart
yes I have had lack of sleep
yes I LOVE YOU!!!
yes I needed to vent


I do like to write a lot of thanks
thanks for thinking I am awesome
thanks for such a nice compliment
thanks thanks thanks
and truth be told... there are like 98% happy sweet comments
1.5% no comment
and .5% insert frowny face comments

as I was sitting at home today
with a sick 3 year old
 I contemplated how to solve this frowny face situation
or help it sooooooo
I bring you this...
these items have been
the BUT BUTs lately
so I now have them in my TpT store FOR FREE
they are still on Scribd too
so stick to TpT
so hopefully no more BUT BUT

 these freebies were first mentioned HERE (back in July)
but because I have a lot of new followers and if you are like me you don't go way back into blogs
I have reposted them here!!!

Here you go....

You can use this to plan out your weeks... for school or home!!!
I know I need weekends on my planners because I have a life outside of
school (maybe) AND let's face it I do school work over the weekend too!!!

If you are a LONG time follower...you have seen something like this before!!!
I mixed my regular To Do List with some cute elements and paper 

The next 2 posters are signature sheets!!!
When there is a BDay in your room...
print one of these up and have the whole class
sign it for the BDay boy or girl!!!
This one is for the boy!!!
this one is for the girl!!!!

If you print this out and then fold it in half...
you have a....
little note from the teacher!!!
& it is OK to write nice and not nice I mean informative notes in here!!!

Math Poster Anyone?
Here is a list of problem solving steps
The Math Seven!!!

 Here it is again but with what to do included :)

 Last but not least....
I made this
Getting Home Poster
to help organize how my kids get home!!!
I can print this and heavy duty laminate it
write their names in sharpie
and if something changes.... I can erase it!!!
DID YOU KNOW... you can use the dry erase liquid cleaner to erase sharpie?

Not to brag BUT I am LUV-n my Getting Home Poster!!! ***WINK***

OK there you have it...your freebies (again) and to make your life easier I put them in a bundle for easy downloading in my TpT store...FREE

holla for free

click here to go right there!!!

THANKS so much for listening to my rant...
I feel much better!!!
do you check your pinterst blog board?
do you respond to the comments?
do you have a big butt?
do you have college day on Thursday and get to wear jeans? (randomness from new principal)
do you get to wear green and jeans tomorrow for Earth Day?
do you dig way back into blogs you just find?



  1. I heart your blog and sense of humor. Thanks for the giggle out of your heartache (tear for you).

    I just started blogging recently. Come over and check me out and I would love any pointers by someone as knowledgable as you. Are you feeling better yet? I could keep going ;-)

  2. I love your blog too! I love your sense of humor. Thanks for all the freebies!!!

    Have a fabulous week, and I hope your little guy is feeling better.


  3. Oh my word girl you crack me up!!! Yes, I have a big butt and yes I check my pins but not daily...I <3 your freebies and poo on negative nellies I say....I had a comment a while ago that yanked the wind right out of my sails....:/ and it was on my blog!!! I cried, I stressed and now it's over....don't like the negative nellies I tell ya. Hope the little guy is feeling better!!

    4th Grade Frolics

  4. Don't let those people get to you! You have an awesome blog and I love coming to read your funny/helpful/real posts! Please keep doing what you are doing and know that you are helping teachers ( trust me, I am one of them:)

    Pencils with Pizzazz

  5. I like Tara's take on not letting the negative nellies get to you! Agreed. Don't we have enough on our plates than to worry about cyber bullies...that's kinda what they are right? Leave a nasty note and run...bully, I tell you.

    Anyway, I love what you have to say, I love your freebies and I love your blog.


    Fun in Room 4B

  6. I have no idea how to check what you just checked.
    I wish we could have had lunch.
    I just wrote about sharpie.
    I remember all of these freebies from you because I think I've been following you forever.
    I go back to the beginning if I'm really curious - I just had a follower tell me they went back to the beginning of mine.
    Scribd can act up and I haven't uploaded anything to TpT because I'm tired. You're very nice.
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  7. Why do people make negative comments? It bugs me so much. I love your blog and you are funny. 1. yes I check my pinterest board. 2. No I don't respond to the neg comments (lucky I haven't had one so far).But if I did..I think Ill respond. 3. No big butt, but it's growing. 4. Lucky to be at school where jeans are OKAY! 5 No, I don't dig back to blog I just find.

    The Teacher Tattles

  8. I do check what others have pinned, I am special like that!

    I do comment on pins especially if they are from my blog but pinned from scribd! ( I kindly as them to pin for the orginal source)

    I DONT have a big butt which I am kinda upset about. I mean really I want one so bad



    Only during the summer and have nothing else to do

    Ms. Patterson

  9. You make my laugh... no but involved there AT all.
    I can never resist making comments when some makes one of their own that is a little hurtful, naive, or just plan dumb. Yeah.. I said it... dumb - even if it isn't on one of my things or pins.
    Yay to jeans and the randomness of the new principal.
    Yes, I will go back on blogs that I newly find and I think are amazing.
    So sweet of you to compile your wonky Scribed freebies! :D Thanks
    Dragonflies in First

  10. People who sit there and make negative comments need better things to do! Oops, now I just made a negative comment toward them! I appreciate all of your sharing, thank you!!!

  11. I love your blog! No complaints here...you are awesome!!

  12. oh no she didn't write that about my Farley!!!! I totally get your reaction. So sorry you are still home with Drew. Hope relief comes soon! For both of you.

  13. Yes I check comments, no I don't respond.

    I had one one time pin something from my blog and then said, "Not a follower, just like the stuff." Um yeah, thanks for the support lady! Lol :)

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  14. Lol. Love it! Thanks for all the wonderful freebies.
    I check Pinterest daily.
    I do go way back on blogs that are awesome.
    I've worn tshirts and jeans almost everyday this school year along with my colleagues.
    Glad you feel better.

  15. Awe!!! Here is a big hug!! Everyone that blogs with you loves you so don't read those silly comments!! Have a great Wednesday!!!

  16. And these people are teachers!?! Hellllooooo!?! How about if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all? Constructive criticism is one thing, but come on. Farley, I am a first year teacher and your blog started my blog addiction, which in turn has continued to make me a better teacher all year long thanks to all the wonderful teacher/blogger/sharers out there. Keep up the good work.

  17. Just so you know...your blog is not even ok...it is FANTABULOSITIOUS - IT IS SOOO FABULOUS I JUST HAD TO MAKE UP MY OWN WORD.

    I love reading your blog, well, because I can read. I do not care about freebies - I love your personality! It doesn't matter how bad of a day I am having, reading your post always makes me laugh. Thank you for sharing bits of yourself with us (-;

    The 3AM Teacher
    Visit The 3AM Teacher FB Page

  18. I am totally with about stalking my Pinterest page! Since I have been at this for only a couple of months it is a brand new novelty to see people pin my stuff!

    Luckily, I haven't seen a negative comment yet...but I'm not sure if I would have had the self-control to not comment back!

    The Polka-dotted Teacher
    The Polka-dotted Teacher

  19. I just adore you and your blog! I do check my pins and I would be upset too!! I've had some off-ish comments before and they left me feeling down--I mean I know they are pin boards for personal reference, but everyone can see them!!! Anyhow, don't worry about it, it's one out of a gazillion people who love your blog and the things you share with us. Thanks for everything!!!!!

  20. sorry for the second comment but I just remembered that when that happens (sad pins) I (fake) cry to my sister, "sometimes pins hurt!!!" and that makes me feel better....HA!!

  21. I've had the same problems with Scribd, too. I feel bad because I am a FREE kinda girl too, but I can't figure out how to use Google docs.
    However, I don't understand why they just couldn't click on the pin, go to your blog, and ask you to email it to them? How difficult is that?

    I DO check my pins and I have commented to people that I would send the doc to them.

    I love your blog!

  22. I heart you! I would NEVER "OK" you! So rude!
    Rowdy in First Grade

  23. I think your blog (AND YOU) are FABULOUS. So there. Have a great week!

  24. I love your blog, it makes me grin every I check my email and there is one from Oh Boy 4th Grade. Thanks for the freebies!!! The birthday sign is genius.
    P.S. Not bragging, but we can wear jeans whenever the mood strikes. (and flip flops) Casual Us... it can be a good thing or a bad thing I suppose. Most of us wait until Friday though.

  25. I check my Pinterest Board Daily too. No worries. I would be sad too. You're awesome and that's what matters!

    Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher

  26. Your posts never cease to make me smile. Thank you for all of the freebies!!! You do beautiful work that is much appreciated by me!!

    The Eager Teacher Blog

  27. Thanks for reposting these. I always love your stuff! Your blog rocks and you have many who love you so ingore those few. :)

    Simply the Classroom


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