Poo, Panic, Packs, & Plans Post

I have done a ton of laundry...
who knew a little 3 year old BOY could have so many
and I did like 3 maybe 4 BIG loads of towels...
why so many
really you do not want the details
BUT it has to do with a  over flowing toilet and poo water...
NUFF said
maybe too much said

SOOOOO there...
that in itself should be enough right???
you would think
to top It off the BELOVED
went MISSING...
insert PANIC
this is a picture of MiMi
from a beach trip a few years ago...
as you can see she goes EVERYWHERE

well MISSING MiMi is a state of emergency in our house...
we searched and searched...
we went through piles of laundry...
thinking the prior emergency (T+ PW)
might have whisked her away into an undesirable place of YUCKINESS...
thanks goodness not in there....
we then
tore apart our bed...3 times
looked under the bed because
Merriweather (the little dog) likes to hide under there
and once in awhile she takes MiMi with her...
we looked outside
because above said little dog also likes to show MiMi her toys outside
we looked in things we had never looked in before...
because WHY?
MiMi has no magical powers
OK she does put my kid to sleep BUT other than that
she cannot transport herself to new places in the house...
minute after minute
the panic was getting worse...
did he take her with him and Dad to Target
I knew the answer was NO but my brain was on
after a few hours NO LIE
we found her...
in the couch
behind the pillows...
smashed all the way down behind the cushions...
OH that was fun...
the funny thing was Drew was not stressed
we were...
MiMi means a lot to us too!!!!
I knew tonight might not be too fun without her
for ALL OF US!!!
YAY we found MiMi!!!

OK so if you made it this far
I know that was NOTHING related to school
BUT I had to get that out there
and to make it up to you I wanted to let you know I posted some
FUN FABULOUS STUFF at Teachers Notebook
in the mix of all this craziness today I finished 2 packs

the first one is a MULTIPLY FAST PACK...

I like to use timed tests to see if my kiddos have mastered their multiplication facts.  This pack is designed to test their mastery.  The goal is to master each letter test in 3 minutes or less,  If you want to set your own time that is OK too!!!  Each kiddo will color in their own MULTIPLY strip, one letter at a time, as they master each letter test.  I have made 2 sets of tests for each letter PLUS an answer key!!! In my class, if they master Test M1 they move on to U1…those that don’t master M1 get M2 next time… BUT you can use this as you wish!!! I have also provided you with a class checklist so you can keep track of their progress.

the next pack I finished is.....

it is filled with VALENTINE FUN

and because I love you and thank you for
reading through my CRAY CRAY DAY
that is Crazy SQUARED (in the Farley Dictionary)
I have some FREE SCHTUFF for
YOU YOU booboopbedoo

to get these freebies go to my Teachers Notebook store
and look for this pic

if you want to purchase these they are at both my TN store and TPT store!!!

Ok look out tomorrow
for the winners of the super cool pencil sharpeners!!!

and now I need to work on my lesson plans... I was thinking I could get them
new principal has GIST meetings scheduled for our planning time tomorrow
YAY I love my planning time being RIPPED from me on a MONDAY
it is the best day eva to take away planning time...
I mean...
I totally stayed late on FRIDAY before my fab meet up to get
everything ready for the next week
I rushed home to get my outfit together and fix my makeup and left everything on my desk
OK so now I really need to go...
lesson plans are calling my name...
ok really i think the housewives are on so
lesson plans

TA TA for now!!!


  1. Ka-cha! Number One!!
    Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

    About your post - I have to read any post with the word 'poo' in the title.
    Also your freebies are soooooo cute and I love them. Thank you!

    Buzzing with Ms. B

  2. I agree with Chrissy- the "poo" is intriguing.
    I once gave the MR a valentines card that said "You are my island in life's river of poo (expletive deleted)

    I am so glad that Mimi was safe and sound- that is a scary thing!


    Going Nutty!


  3. YES PLEASE, oh, umm, guess that's not the answer you were looking for in response to you chocolate dipped strawberries, huh :/
    Dual Kinder Teacher

  4. Cute post! It's funny...I mentioned Desperate Housewives in my post tonight too. It totally sucks me in... :)

    Jamie at 2nd Grade Stuff

  5. Ah, I remember those days looking for my kids Mimis. At our house we have Gramma cubed when she has to watch all three grandchildren!
    Thanks for the laughs.

    2B Honey Bunch
    The Best Endings

  6. Poo -- overflowing -- been there, done that. But it wasn't me. Just saying.
    Your stuff is as cute as always. Do you think it's above my first graders' heads?
    Can't wait to find out who wins the pencil sharpener! I think it's me!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  7. ahhh!!! mimi DOES have super powers then, if it'll get lil' one to bed! lol...My girl doesn't have anything to put her to bed....except mommy (sigh...)oh well, it's quality snuggle time! and if Baby B isn't asleep by that time, then she gets to come snuggle too! lol
    And um....it wouldn't take long to dip the strawberries because I'd EAT THEM INSTANTLY!! lol..
    Hope I win the sharpener!!

    ♥ Jen
    The Teachers' Cauldron

  8. I want your stuff too...I am already figuring out how to send the fourth grade teachers at my school your link. um...upper grades need cuteness and you are OVERFLOWING (sorry about the poo) with it!

    And no giraffe scarf to boot...that is a terrible day.

    Where on the earth did you find the cute graphics? I need that list pronto!!!

    Much love local teacher...

  9. I'm glad you found Mimi. Your new units look super cute too.
    Life with Mrs. L

  10. My son has a "lovey" which is probably right up there with your son's "MiMi" And, I can totally relate to your panic mode when MiMi goes missing- it's kinda like the story of Knuffle Bunny. read it, love it, it's the story of Drew's MiMi and my Henry's "lovey" :)


  11. Ahhhhh, poo water always makes a funny story, and your story proved my theory! I have had toilet overflowing issues before, so I so get the 50 loads of towels. Glad you found MiMi for Drew. :o) Fiance and I once lost the remote. Looked EVERYWHERE. Like, freezer (you never know), under the bed, dining room... it was in the couch. But not like MiMi. Like the couch opened its big fat mouth and ATE it. It was seriously in the frame (hole in the couch--what a way to figure that out!) and hanging out in the frame under the arm of the stupid thing. Sorry for the long-ness (new word) but losing things in couches makes me crazy! ;o) Your stuff is super cute. Wish my kiddos were doing multiplication (although some of my smarties will be eventually)!!!


~ I {PuFFy} HeArT comments!!!! THANK YOU!!!