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Everything in Texas is bigger.... teacher blogger meet-up

 OH my gosh
let me tell you I
was super super super
NERVOUS about this meet up
I worried about my hair...
what I was going to wear...
Tunstall and I talked a lot via
emails and decided to do this fun question activity
and have door prizes....
Tunstall and I got there at 6:30
we have never met...
so I was hoping I would recognize her
with her FAB new hair color and ALL...
I did and she is cute as can be!!!

we sat and waited
and talked like we had known each other FO EVA
and it was great!!!
We had some great convos
and then
the buzzy thing / drink coaster / do they ever disinfect these things
went off and we were seated at a big table for 8

we waited and waited...and talked and talked
OH and had some Adult beverages
it was great!!! then
came...she does not have a blog
BUT should because she is a RIOT...
so funny and CUTE CUTE CUTE to boot...
Kristina and Tunstall taught together a few years ago
and Kristina is a Blog fan so she joined us...
we all talked about who was going to show up and
then we see Katie...
Miss Katie is so sweet
she drove a long way to meet up with us!!!
She is from

Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher

I LOVE Katie...
we had never met BUT I feel like
I am her friend already...
I remember when her blog was about her student teaching adventures
and now she is a BIG WIG BLOGGER...
we all had a wonderful time talking and sipping and laughing
and then we noticed the time
and noticed we got
by the others...
no matter
we ordered our food
laughed some more
and had fun...
they really missed out because the 4 of us had a blast!!!
and good for Kristina and Katie because they automatically won the door prizes
here are a few highlights of our convos
* that's the SHIZ
* hooker boots in kinder
* F**ing opossum in the ceilings
* taking down the top 5
* no comment
* TN vs TPT
* blog pet peeves
* throw up
* St. Patrick's Day Trip to Ireland (jealous over here)
* technology in our classrooms or in my case lack of (jealous again)
* the summer meet up

SO all in all our impromptu meet up was not as big as expected BUT GRAND for those that came!!!
we went outside and took a pic or 2

mind you I look like the jolly giant in this pic...
I know how to stand for a pic and here I am in the front...
stickin out my badonkadonk
right out there
way to go Farley...
but who is complaining...(ME)
yes baby has back and boobs and chinS
they were not invited to the meet-up BUT decided to make an appearance anyways
hey we did have 4 extra seats...
ha ha ha

BUT this was the gang!!!

and TEENY we did talk about you ...
we have decided to schedule our next get together around your trip to see TWIN in Texas
and we also said that our meet - up might not have been as
BIG as yours BUT we did have

I think that is it for now...
don't forget I get to pick the winner for the sharpeners on the 23rd
and I am still in LOVE with this sharpener!!!
LOVE I tell you and
did you see this....

it is my new sign and return stamp...
I MUSTACHE you...if you LOVE it too????
I will give you more details about it later... because I have a PLAN...

TA TA for now!!!