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finding baby jesus

gotcha with my title HUH?

well today is 3 Kings Day
and don't think that I am an expert on this
because FRANKLY I am NOT
BUT I do KNOW that
my sweet sweet custodian
Jesus (hey-soos)
not to be confused with Jesus (JE-zes)
which has been done and I did it...

(go on a bird walk with me...you know a random squirrel)
anyways a few years ago
I went up during the summer and saw a huge box in the work room that said
"Jesus (JE-zes) take this recycling out!"
I was so offended...
really in the amount of time it took that person to write that note
they could have taken that box and their behind to the recycling
i went to my buddy Shawna (as i often do)
to complain about this TACKY Jesus (JE-Zes) note
and she started laughin at me because
as she said
"FARLEY it is not JESUS (JE-ZES) it is Jesus (hey-soos)"
it said
Jesus (Hey-soos) take this recycling out!
Oh my gosh!!!!

after the confusion of Jesus/Jesus
I started calling our custodian Mr. Jesse
anyways he did this really sweet thing and
brought in 5 Kings Cakes or breads today to celebrate
and in each cake was a baby Jesus...
each hallway and the office had their own cake...
really not so much cake and more like a bread ring
a very colorful and pretty bread ring
very similar to the Kings Cakes back in my home state
of the 'SIPP (or Mississippi... yes I am a true Southern girl)

anywho very similar to the mardi gras Kings cake but not

*back on track****again***
we had fair warning about this
sweet sweet gesture a few days ago
and I was super STOKED about finding baby Jesus
I mean who doesn't want to find baby Jesus

well long story short
all baby Jesus
were found before we got in there
I mean how can the green hall's cake
already have a slice missing
if  not one of us got our slice
and how does that one sliver
just per chance have the baby Jesus in it

I feel cheated out of my chance to get a baby Jesus
all day i was kinda upset about this

I know I know let it go Farley

I think it might be more of the fact that the green hall baby Jesus
did NOT go to a GREEN HALL resident
I mean that baby Jesus was meant to be a green hall resident too
my green hall needs a baby Jesus!!!!

but in the spirit of this great gift
and to support my one little word effort
(my word is polish)
I would like to leave you with this

for all of you that did not find baby Jesus in your Kings cake
that is OK
you can't have your cake and a baby Jesus too