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A Day in Farley's Shoes

OH MY GOSH... I have over 150 peeps at my linky party
thanks so much for the LOVE :)

I wanted to join a really neat party too so
I have decided to join....

ok I am linking up with Katie over at Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher for her FIRST linky party!!!

OK in my shoes....
hmmm hmmm hkkkk hmmm (clearing my throat)

5:00-5:15 alarm goes off and I convince sweet hubby to hit snooze exactly 2 times and being the sweety he is... he does it... HE LOVES ME
5:15 - 5:30ish shower / wash hair / and other girly stuff
5:30ish -6:15 head to the living room and sit on the couch and do my make-up
I do it in there b/c so said sweet hubs is asleep and Drew is in there too (YES my baby sleeps in the bed with us... I have my reasons and yes he has a bedroom and yes I know it is probably BAD but we do it and in the words of Bobby Brown... That's my Prerogative  That's my prerogative ... I can do what I wanna do,,, it's my prerogative) and I want to watch the morning news and I let the pups go outside to play and I leave the back door open just in case Itty Bitty gets Napoleon syndrome and decides she wants to bark at Brutus (made up name) the  GINORMOUS Rotty next door...he has poo bigger than her BUT does she care H to the eck NO!!! yap yap yap and then I have to go to the back door and try to get her in...which only happens when I go to the pantry and shake a box full of something...like cereal or wheat thins or cheese its... and then she comes SPRINTING in...and then I shut the door quickly and go back to applying the face...and NO she doesn't get any little treats from the shaken box...and it works EVERY SINGLE TIME so I am not planning on rewarding anytime soon
6:15- 6:30 head to Drew's bathroom to do my hair...again hubs is asleep and I am not quiet....hair...consists of blow drying and praying and flat iron and cursing and then product and then mirrors and then when I think I have it at least half as good as Abby the Hair Dresser Diva makes it I get dressed
6:30-6:40 dress in the dark... hubs and bubs are still sleeping usually I know what I am going to wear so this is not a long process
6:40-6:45 lay out bub's clothes for hubs because he drops Drew off at Camp Paw Paw...my mom and dad watch him (lucky girl I am)... I also grab my healthy low calorie lunch out of the fridge and grab Consuela (my tote) and head to the car... I usually forget my phone so I either 1 head back in to get it or 2 leave it so let's say I grab it
6:45 drive to school and on my 3 mile drive I crank up the tunes... right now I am blaring Pistol Annies (Miranda Lambert's girl group... LOVE IT) if I am anticipating a very HORRID day I crank up some Kid Rock (don't judge he is a lyrical rhyming genius)
6:50 I park and put on my MK nude lipstick and then top it off with some Philosophy Chocolate Bark red  lip gloss... I am also checking to make sure i don't have toothpaste on my lips from brushing my teeth at 6:29 :)
6:52 I head inside the school...greeting the crossing guards and then I try to sneak to my class without too many distraction yelling good morn-n to anyone in their room on the way to my room... my room is at the very end of the hall BUT I usually only have to say GM to 2 teachers...
6:55 I get into my room followed by one cutie patootie kiddo (to help me get some stuff ready) I do NOT turn on any lights.. I head straight to my desk and turn on my OWL lamp and then turn on my computer.. I put Consuela in my chair and unpack her... purse in secret place, 31 lunch bag on table to take to lounge, unpacked Consuela under my desk...she fits PERFECTLY :)
7:00 - 7:20 I get my morning message ready on the projector screen (it is a PowerPoint slide) and try to read some emails... HOPING none of them add extra work to my schedule or take AWAY my breaks
7:20 my kiddos start coming in ( I forgot to get them again OOPS.. but my sweet co worker never forgets <3)
7:20-7:45 (lights now on) I remind the kids one million and 5 times to look at the message and to follow the directions and then they start their warm-up and we wait and wait and wait for morning announcements... we have to be at specials at 7:45 so we hope they come on soon
7:40 head to specials (turning lights off because we want to save the polar bears and walruses)
for 45 minutes I have the need to get ready for the day BUT I usually go visit my bestie in the office (Shawna or like I call her Shawna Bawna... she is the school secretary and she honestly is the BEST EVA... parents LOVE her and all of the STAFF AND FACULTY do too)  I love her MOSTEST though :)
we talk a little or a lot... then I head back to my room...hopefully I check my mailbox before leaving Shawna's!!!
back in my room I work on all kinds of stuff in the dark again (OWL lamp still on) grading, emailing, planning, napping, prepping, cleaning, filing, organizing, AHHHHHH who am I kidding I usually have some meeting or I talk to my grade level about SCHTUFF and on a full moon I do the other things
8:30 I pick up the kiddos and we come in and finish the warm-up and go right into SQUIRT.. I conference with some but recently I have been doing MOY testing (middle of the year) YUCK YUCK YUCK hate it... do not get me started... ok just a little... we have to test EVERY KID on their fluency ...even my kiddos that read like 150 words a minute and I have one that is over 200...really? REALLY? I have to break into their independent reading time while they are enjoying Tolstoy or Tolkien to read "The Tenth Birthday Party" or "Lion and Mouse" REALLY I DO!!! RE DUNK U LOUS...but that is my law...so I comply...Quietly (yeah right)... I taught the head detectives daughter so I am sure I am safe :)
9:15 after Reading response journals and transitioning into writing I read
a read aloud that compliments our writing focus... I have been following Everyday Editing  and it has changed my life as a writing teacher... I LOVE it and so do my kids so we look at a blurb from our read aloud...studying it and then we imitate it...( I am going to Blog about this next week so you'll have to wait on the details)
they then write their own version...
we share... compliment... make wishes... and move into science
here is a pic of the graphic organizer we will be using NEXT week in writing
if you want it I will have it in my Teachers Notebook store for FREE...HOLLLLLA

11:00 science... nothing special right now i am sad to say... I am a big bad ( and still beautiful) teacher right now when it comes to science... we have been doing a lot of vocabulary and partner reading... we did do a lab this week that went well and only had one kid breathe in through the straw and get sand in his mouth... we were weathering and eroding our deserts using wind...
12:00 head to lunch even though lunch is at 12:05... we walk slow
in the lounge I take my usual seat and if it is not my usual seat I get a little OCD about it... weird I know
talk is the same... babies, wedding, female plumbing, kids, adults, and husbands
we eat with 3rd then they leave and then 5th comes in
so I get to see some of my favorite buds
i cry and then head down... shuffle slowly to get the now hyped up on sugar kids... and head to recess...
they get about ABOUT 15 minutes of recess
pray for no injuries
at least NO BLOODY i might throw up injuries
these are very rare but I have had some in my years
like the kid with a stick in his eye...
that was gross
 and a lie
HA HA HA never happened but had you for awhile HUH?
1:00ish math
enough about that
2:15 if they are done with their math independent work they have to do a RAK anywhere in the school
2:20 pack stack and clean... pack up stack chairs and clean up
2:30 we all are out of the room and I am at duty and the kids are where ever they need to be... walking home or waiting to be picked up
2:45 take kids not picked up to office and sit in the office with Shawna
a few of us sit in the office and just wait and chit chat and then we slowly migrate back to our rooms
end of the day consists of talking to my hallway girls ( i love our GREEN HALL)
and then I get some grading done and planning done :) and more talking
usually I head out the door around 4 and go pick up my bub from camp paw paw...

HOLY COW that was a lot of stuff... but fun to write...
you should go join KLOHN's  party too because I am NOSE--EE and want to know what your day looks like!!!


  1. So glad you caved in and linked up!!!

    You're up at 5?!?!?! Holly Molly!!! Love your Graphic Organizer!

    Come by and check out my 500 follower giveaway :)

    Have a great weekend!

    ❤ Mor Zrihen from...
    A Teacher's Treasure
    Teaching Treasures Shop

  2. I am SO glad to know that I am not the only 4th grade teacher that STILL has to remind her students to look at the morning message and follow the directions! It's only been that way *ALL YEAR*!

    I love your graphic organizer and I'm super excited to hear about your writing work. One of my goals this school year was to really work on my teaching of writing.

    Isn't it sad how Science has gone to the wayside due to the teaching of reading? I mean, I love teaching reading, but instead of cool science stuff, we're doing more reading with it. And it will be even more so with the common core.

    Go Fourth! With Mrs. Owens

  3. You crack me up! I shake bags of treats to lure my bunny and kitty but I usually give them something every now and then because they are on to me!

    I might need to do a linky party soon after talking about The Year of the Beaver yesterday! Beaver Boy probably would have found the stick on the playground but wouldn't poke someone...he would eat it! =)

    Heather's Heart

  4. Oh my goodness, I would DIE AND QUIT if my school started at 7:20!!! And then had specials at 7:45!!! How do you do it!?! You got me with the stick in the eye little joke you threw in there, thankyouverymuch! that was a gross visual! haha! Thanks for sharing your day, maybe I will too :)

  5. i start school a FULL HOUR after you do. that is crazZzZy to me! if i started that early, i would need to be out my door by 615.

    gives me anxiety just thinking about it

    Third Grade in the First State

  6. WOW I can't believe school starts so early!!!

  7. Your kiddos get to school way too early!!! Is that how all of the elementary schools are in SA? I have 2 friends who teach in Judson too and we have talked about how early they have to be there. I am jealous that you have conference pretty much first thing! If I taught elementary I would so want that! I am guilty of just chatting during mine like you too!

    Thanks again for linking up and sharing it on your Facebook page too!

    Miss Klohn
    Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher

  8. I totally believed your stick story!!!!! I wanted to throw up and I was contemplating what I would do if that happened to me... probably run away. Haha!!

    You have a jam packed day!!

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  9. I'm convinced.
    It's clear.
    You and I would have a ball if we taught together.
    And the Drew thing -- do whatcha want. He's YOUR boy! :)
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  10. I'm so glad I read this post for the following reasons:
    1. I totally forgot about Consuela
    2. The mental picture of your dog. I used to do the same trick, but like Heather, my dog caught on quickly!
    3. It makes me feel normal with your school start time...we have kids starting at 7:10!
    4. Kid Rock will definitely get you pumped up.
    Loved reading about your day...you are too funny! :)

    Living A Wonderful Life

  11. HAHA I totally get sidetracked by people when I should be getting things done in my classroom!


  12. OK you had me at the Western Day picture **LLOOVVVEE**** but after reading I fell in love with your writing style as well. Great blog and I'm yer newest follower!


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  14. Oh, your day is way crazier {not sure if this is truly a word} than mine. I second Kristin-I'm so the same. Pretty sure I'd be in your room every day to chat. And show you Pinterest finds. And pick your brain for cute ideas because I'm brain dead that day.
    Reading your day, I'm like, "holy moly, that's so MEEEEEEEEE!" And then I remind myself that I'm not married and I don't have an adorable little man. One day. Soon enough. :o) Thanks for charing your day--loved it!

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