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T2T Partay Time!!!

So I KNOW blog world has been
waiting on PINS & NEEDLES
just waiting for me to post the
T2T linky PARTAY!!!
here it is....

Well I can't have a LINKY party without doing my own T2T...
so I gathered all of my friends...

 AND I grabbed my new thrift treasure...
a little white elephant planter.
 YEPPERS... 2.99
I looked him up on Ebay just to make sure he wasn't some rare collectible and then...

 I sprayed him a LUVERly shade of OrAnGe.
I didn't like it!!! Even though my FAVE color is ORANGE... I didn't think it was bringing out the PURTY in this elephant!!!

 So I picked up my 2nd favorite color and let him have it!!!

AND what is going to be in my classroom?
ONLY the cutest Sharpie holder EVA!!!
I am in LOVe with him!!! He is too cute and PiNk is his color!!!
 HERE is a little secret...I love this elephant even more because my
DARLING hubby helped me remove 4 layers of spray paint from him because I wanted to do polka-dots and it didn't work...BECAUSE... I didn't PRIME him and when I peeled the circle stickers that I placed on top of the orange it started  peeling!!! I boo whooed because I had all these grand plans of a PERFECTLY PINK & ORANGE polka dotted  ELEPHANT!!! It took my hubby several hours to scrape and peel and clean my elephant.  Ken had him back to his original beauty and then primed him for me.. AND And and he even sprayed it pink for me!!!

I felt like Rachel from FRIENDS when Ross was going to drink the fat!!!
Except mine is like (in my best Rachel voice) AWWWW Kenny fixed my elephant!!!

So there you have it!!! and now let the ParTAY begin!!!