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New Kid on the Blog & a freebie

I found a CUTE new blog
Miss. Third Grade

and wanted to share it with you...
It is a BRAND NEW blog but I already
collected some inspiration!!!
She started designing her binder covers and well
that gave me some ideas....

I am getting a little carried away
with this whole
VINTAGE cArNiVaL theme
{PUFFY} heart it
A LOT!!!

I love it so much I made you a freebie...
need a substitute binder cover???
(2 different backgrounds just in case)

scrapbook elements by G. Miller

Sub Folder1

head on over to Courtney's Blog
and tell her HOWDY!!!

Oh and by the way...
I can't wait til I reach 200 followers because
I am going to have a give away!!!
and it might rhyme with
Bera Vradley
jus say-n **WINK**