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Deck the walls with quolls and wallabies

EVERY year I look forward to our habitat unit because we decorate the front hallway of the school.
EVERY year we study an unfamiliar habitat... in other words we don't study the rain forest.
We really explore our habitat ...
This year we chose Australia.
We studied the geography, people, art, and ANIMALS!!!!
The students are given ONE last project.
They are to pick an animal from Australia and create a life size representation. 
Their animal is then placed on our Australia Wall.
Here are a few examples of the FABULOUS animals that we got this year!!!

The 3rd grade teachers and some REALLY TRUSTED
3rd graders recreated the various habitats found in Australia!!!
Desert, Grasslands, and Tasmania
 here are the Grasslands
 Different angle same grassland :)
desert again

Here are some of my FAVORITE critters
 That is a bone the dingo is munching on!!!
This wall is right outside our school office and
we caught a few several parents taking  phone pics of this one...
so you might have seen it on FB!!!
gotta LOVe kid made stuff


I know this is a BIG bulletin board idea BUT I had to share our
Australian CuTeNeSS!!!
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