summer planning

SO are you like me???
I am on summer break and
I can't stop thinking about next year!!!
I might be nervous about
my new grade level BUT
I am still thinking
I am meeting with my NEW team
next week and I wanted us to
have some CUTE (at least I think so)
papers to take notes on....
now enter my FREEBIES for you....

Planning Ahead

I hope you like them...
I have them by subject, month, and a blank!!!
I can't wait to use them next week and I hope you can use them too!!!
Please leave me a comment about what you think about them....
and NOTE to YOU...sometimes SCRIBD will show up
WONKY on here
BUT will be fine when you click on over :)


  1. Where did you get the cute borders? I puffy heart you Meghan:)

  2. hey!!
    so, I am sorta in your same boat but a LOT worst. I have only taught 1 year and it was 2nd grade. I LOVED it and I got the knack of it just as the year was over! Since then, I moved to a new town and got a job for next year teaching 4th grade ESL to Bilingual students!!!!!! I will be teaching math and ELA. I am a NERVOUS WRECK!!!! I mean, most of the math I will be teaching I am going to have to re-teach myself!!! Good luck! I have a blog too, but it doesn't just focus on teaching. It is just about my life.. it is

    Hope we can stay in touch so I can get and give encouragement this year! What is your email address??

    Mine is
    email me!!!

  3. I love the paper! Thanks for sharing and I am so glad I found your website. :)

    Teaching: All For One and One For All

    Mrs. Trelz's Third Grade Class


  4. I find that I have the most creativity in the summer...time to think and ponder what's going to happen next school year.

    enjoy 4th grade



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