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SOS Your Momma Portraits

SOOOO I was stalking blogs ...
like I always do and came across this cute cute cute lesson
From Lesson Plan SOS
AND I was so so so excited to see such a CUTE
Mother's Day Project!!!!
so I had to steal borrow it!!!
I showed the lesson to my team
and we all agreed if we combined all of
CRAFTY leftovers
we could pull this off!!!
and we did!!!
Here are some pics of our
(get it YOUR MOMMA)

I should have been more specific about making them bigger
OH YEAH... I did and because they are ALL
suffering from Summer-itis
their listening skills have become
BIG BLING helps everything!!!

I love the hair on this one because his
Momma has curly braids
and this is a perfect rendition!!
LOVE the sunglasses!!!
one of my faves
for sure

This momma does wear  matching headbands...so cute!!!
I've taught with this cutie patooties momma for 10 years!!!
lipstick mishap but still cute

This Momma is one of my bestest friends
looks just like her LOL
and this boy was upset that I made them attach the receipt
to the back because he said his mom would see how cheap he was.

Sorry I don't have pics of how we set up the
 Your Momma Store
my camera was flashing low battery and getting pics
of these Mommas was top priority!!!
I {puffy}HEART this activity and it is going into my
THANKS SOS for this FAB idea!!!