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How To Blow A Bubble.....LOVE IT!!!!

OH my goodness...
 I have been waiting a
loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time
OK only since March 23rd :)
to do this lesson!!!

It is from one of my FaVoRiTe BLoGs....
Lesson Plan SOS....
have I mentioned.......
I stumbled across this lesson:
and I KNEW my kids would LOVE IT!!!!

We followed the plans just like the
lesson told us to and the outcome was

 We used our writing journals
to write our final rough draft before publishing.

 They LOVED making themselves with a paper plate!!!
This stinker's last sentence is so full of VOICE!!!
She is my little comic and her last sentence says:

I don't know what they liked better...
being artsy crafty or chewing on gum all week!!!
I let them chew gum ALL week
(yes I am a little crazy
 but I will stoop to anything
to get them to behave
 SUMMERITIS has kicked in for all of us )
back to the gum chewing....
I let them chew all week
 because when it came to editing they had to read their
to 3 friends before they could come to me to edit.
While they read their HOW TO to their friends,
the friend had to follow their directions.
They needed a piece of gum in their  mouth ready to
follow the directions!!!
I did have some gum blown on the floor...
because the directions never stated to stretch the gum over your tongue.
I think it said to put it on the tip of your tongue and blow....
results....gum on the floor and more editing :)
 I think I got too big of balloons
BUT I figured as they deflate it will be ok!!!
They are still way cute!!!
 Even my reluctant writers worked SUPER DUPER hard
and made me PROUD!!!!
 I liked this plate because he made the mouth look
like it was blowing a bubble!!!
 These two worked very hard to get their plates JUST RIGHT!!!
and they did a GREAT JOB!!!
We published the paper just like SOS
and I would have pics of that
BUT of course my camera died!!!!
SOOOOOO tune in tomorrow for pics of our
final product!!!
THANKS SOS for all of your great ideas
and for helping this teacher survive the last few
weeks of school!!!