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Help support Alabama schools

Imagine your community being hit by several tornadoes
and not knowing if your friends, family, co-workers, and STUDENTS survived.
That is what Katie from Once Upon a Teaching Blog has been going through.
She requested prayers not too long ago and today I saw an update that her community is
ok but the surrounding areas are unrecognizable!!!


Once Upon a Teacher Blog
was too close to the devastating tornadoes that hit Alabama.
Her school is ok compared to other nearby schools
but her PE coach lost her house and 2 cars
and her district had 2 deaths.
She said many schools nearby do not have
SAFE drinking water
and many roads are destroyed getting to the schools.

She asked if anyone was interested in
knowing some of the names of the schools that
were hit by these terrible storms
so we could have our kids send cards and/or donations
and I said

I KNOW my little ones would
love to send well wishes to
the students in Alabama
and I hope you will offer this
opportunity to your kids as well!!!

Head on over to Katie's blog
and give her your email address
and let her know you are thinking of her!!!
if this touches your heart like it did mine
please post on your blog.