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so long...farewell, Auf wiedersehen

So long, farewell, Auf wiedersehen, good night,
I hate to go and leave this pretty sight.
So long, farewell, Auf wiedersehen, adieu,
Adieu, adieu, to yieu and yieu and yieu.

SOOOOO first let me ease your fears
I am not leaving BLOGLAND!!!
although that might be easier to do than
to leave my favorite grade.
That's right folks
I am moving grade levels.
I have mixed feelings about it all!!!

I have taught 3rd grade for 10 years!!!
WOW 10 years and 3rd grade is the only grade I have ever taught
(unless you count student teaching
and then I taught 4th for ohhhh like 2 weeks or maybe 3)
AND the tear jerker is... this year was one of the bestEST EVA!!!
*tear * tear*
We got a new team member (Heather) this year and
she was a true blessing to not only my teaching but also my life!!!
She rejuvenated my teaching juices with her
refreshing ideas and MAD organizational skills!!!! 
We did things this year that we have NEVER done
in the years past.  It was an absolute joy!!!

Why am I moving???
About a month ago, my principal called
3rd grade into his office to tell us we
do NOT have the numbers to keep 3 teachers in 3rd!
YES we only have 3 teachers in each grade level. 
ANYwho I said I would go to a new grade level before
I would let Heather go. 
(She had just moved to 3rd from
2nd and has a new baby at home
and they are fixing to build a new home.)

So the day came for my Principal to make a decision on who was
moving and he called me in to ask if I would consider it...
I said YES!!!
I admit I am sad, scared terrified, and it is WAY out of my comfort zone
I am excited about....
Keeping the majority of my class for next year!!! YAY
Keeping my room...(it is just 2 doors down from 4th and the room next to me is vacant so does it even count?) keeping my room means I am still close to my 3rd grade peeps
AND I get to teach 4th with one of my closest friends who happens to be a fantastic math teacher
AND I get to teach with a veteran teacher who is a phenomenal writing teacher
SO my move is bittersweet!!!

On a different note but still a so long farewell moment....
SO LONG to the TAKS test!!!
TAKS is our State Test
and once again 3rd grade kicked its BOOTY!!!
For 2 years in a row we had 100% pass the READING and had 
over 90% pass the MATH!!! 
not to toot my own horn BUT
for 5 years in a row I had 100% pass the Reading in my class!!!
I am very very proud of my kids!!!
They worked so hard and it paid off!!!
I am glad I get to keep most of them and next year
we will kick the STAAR's booty too!!!
STAAR is the new state test!!! YIPPEE (sarcasm)

OK and for a final farewell
I am thinking that I need to change my blog name
because I am now Oh' Boy 4th grade!!!
I  think this has been my biggest hurdle to accepting my new
grade level.... But I am thinking a blog make-over will be in the works for this summer and every girl loves a good make-over!!!

OK Pitty Party is officially DONE!!!
Just had to get it out there!!!
and thanks for listening!!! reading!!!


  1. I applaud your excitement. You are clearly first class and I would be honored to work on a grade level with you. Good luck in your new adventures. Are you looping?

  2. wow, that is bittersweet! But your positives sound wonderful. It'll be really cool to have another 4th grade blogger too!! :) Good luck with everything!

  3. Wow! Congrats on the move {I would feel the same way as you if I had to move to any other grade}! I'm sure you will be just fine...you go girl!

  4. Good luck! Changing grades is hard, but I feel that it does make you a better teacher. I loved 4th grade when I taught it, and Kristen's right I'd love to see more 4th grade blogs!

  5. You are so awesome to move a grade level for your co-worker! I have taught 4th grade for the past three years and I LOVE it! Let me know if you need ideas or resources!


  6. You are going to love 4th grade. I taught 4th grade for five years and LOVED it!!!! Good luck!

  7. Gee, and guess who's mother taught 4th grade....hmmmmmmm! Yeppers, I am here to assist. LOL YOU are going to be fantastic.

  8. We're in the same boat! I also teach 4th in Texas. I look forward to swapping ideas--let me know if I can be of assistance! :D

    P.S. I love your enthusiasm about kicking STARR's booty!

  9. Oh my, is your blog cute! Just became a new follower. I have to admit that I am glad to see you moving up to 4th...I teach 5th and it is way harder to find blogs about the intermediate grades for some reason! :-) Can't wait to see what you do. And don't worry, I got bumped around quite a bit {3 grades in 3 years!} and it always works out for the best---it kind of reinvigorates you! Is that even a word, lol?!

  10. I think I'm moving from 4th to 3rd next year because my principal wants me to, as well. I think your enthusiasm is awesome! I can't wait to see all your great 3rd grade ideas!

    P.S. So excited to see TAKS go as well, however get ready for the changes on the 4th grade STARR test... you will rock it, I'm sure!


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